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February 22, 2009, 8:29 amMethods of Number Selection

I have started to analyse several methods of 6/49 number selection recently and have tried the following methods in recent draws:

- Types of Numbers and Statistical Frequency

Based on the work of Henry Scheider in "Lottery Numbers Past, Present & Future" these methods provide an indication of the frequency of occurence in historic draws of particular sets of numbers (e.g. even/odd, divisible by 3, prime numbers etc.) and sets the results in a number of Gauss curves to indicate the numbers of balls in each draw which met the criteria.

Other than making quite general suggestions like "you should have 3 even and 3 odd numbers in each line" the analysis isn surprisingly hard to apply to specific 6 line draw entries due to the number of variables that need to be considered.

Verdict = Interesting but hard to apply in pracrtice <2 stars out of 5>

Results to date = 27 draw ticket entries with no prizes.

- Numerology Alphabetical Values

Based on the work of Imdad Na'eem in "Win on the Lottery/Lotto" this book provides a very interesting method for selecting your numbers based on Numerology. What sets the book apart is the supporting analysis showing the number of draw wins from each Numerological set and the specific sets involved.

With this book it is possible to derive exact numbers to enter based on your own criteria or historical draw results. As with Lottery Wheels this method enables you to apply some logic to number selection. Some of Imdad's comments around the reduction of odds using his method I am slightly sceptical about and will leave others to judge.

Verdict = Very Interesting, easy to apply and develop your own system <4 stars out of 5>

Results = 0 draw tickets entered to date. I will be using this method in the next draw and will report back on the results!

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