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September 24, 2004, 3:24 pmWhy no Combos?

Here in Massachusetts for our daily number game in which 3 & 4 digit game are one in the same, there's no spearate pick 3 or pick 4 just pick 1,2,3, or 4 digits and play them however you want. Other states have what's called boxed which I'm sure you all know. Here boxed payouts are called any order and pay accordingly between $80 & $100 give or take. Basically a losing proposition, finanacially. We do have combos, which pay exact order payouts ( on average $600 and for 3 digits can range from $400 to $1100 and 4 digits can easly exceed $6000) Of course it cost more (3 different digit $1 bet cost $6 but it's more convenient and more rewarding) To me it's just depressing say to play 148 boxed then have the  number come out 148 and make a lousy $80 bucks. My questions is how many states have the combo option which has to keyed in by the lottey agent and if not why. Sure you can cover more numbers boxed for less money but the break even point leaves a lot to be desired. any comments


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September 22, 2004, 9:46 amAnother stupid dream

Hi folks,

tues night I had a dream in which I went to play my numbers and was told the machines were down. Later in the dream of course my numbers came out.  Wedsnesday I went to play my numbers and yup you guessed it the machines were down. Resigned to my fate I went  and sat down in front of the store with a cup of coffee, a bus went by with 3008 on it's side said to myself I should play that but couldn,t. That's right 3008 came on the massachusetts lottery paid over 900 dollars for first 3 over 6000 for all 4.

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