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May 20, 2012, 9:06 pmsame number system

ok get right to it....started doin this some time back say 247 is drawed

 what i do is look you have 2 low evens  and one hi odd

  but whats missing just 0 on the low end and 5 and 9 on hi end

so your numbers would be 205,209,405,409

some times same pairs hits ..but mainly new numbers   same pair meaning if 249 was drew for a up coming draw

 another example draw number- 287. so nem numbers would be 065,069,465,469. with 6 and 8 being just our two hi evens

one could use both really need to on that note .. 085,089,485,489

la had 287 on may 2nd 906 on the 6th... and 890 on 15th

on ur 906 u do it again tho it would be 285,287, 458,478,....... feel free to add something if you wish to....iam still looking and debaiting on serval things

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April 1, 2011, 3:39 pmLouisiana

Be on the look out for

 v-trac 222 .. coming soon

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