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Election '04 Polls


Woke up at 3 A.M. and couldn't get back to sleep. Not sure why but got to thinking about what I heard on the news last night after watching the Preakness and decided I needed to vent a little. I was picking my numbers and had the TV on in the background and the nightly news opened up with new polls that just came out. "The president's approval numbers have hit an all-time low point at 42%, down eight points since April." Well my god, that shouldn't be too surprising considering the media has gone on a collective political hatchet job the past two weeks over the prisoner abuse photos in Iraq.  There were prisoners just released in the past week in Iraq from other prisons who said they weren't mistreated but yet we hear almost nothing about that. All the media does is focus on what 10-15 idiots did at Abu Ghurayb prison and were supposed to be told how terrible it was for a prisoner to have panties over his head. Try telling that to Nick Berg. I don't condone what the soldiers did but what happened at that prison is nothing compared to what one can only imagine happened at that prison when Saddam Hussein was in control of it.  Where was the media when Saddam was dropping his own citizens in vats of acid, or dropping them into plastic shredders, or being chopped into little pieces and being FedExed back to their families in a box? Did we hear about Saddam's torture chambers from the media? Sure we did get snippets here and there but nothing like we have heard about these prison photos over the last two weeks. Many of these liberal types in the media were most likely against taking out Saddam Hussein and putting an end to his atrocities but yet we have to hear about is so called "atrocities" of a few soldiers at Abu Ghurayb. Every war will have it's share of incidents that may not look favorably on this country because no war is ever run flawlessly. The closest thing we have ever had to a flawless war was the Gulf War and that was far from it. Well what about the Bosnian War? That wasn't a war, that was a distraction. I am not saying the Abu Ghurayb prison story shouldn't have been covered. It should have been but one or two days max. Then let the military handle it internally and punish those who carried out the abuse and be done with the story. But I believe the media will try to carry this right through the election in an attempt to get Bush out of office. Making a change now would send an absolute wrong message to terrorists around the world. Everything we have done in a Iraq will be seen as a failure (which it has not been) and would only embolden terrorists to try another 9/11 type terrorist attack. We need to stay the course, despite what the media may do to try to undermine it.
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