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The Only Way to Stop this Unconstitutional President


The Only Way to Stop this Unconstitutional President

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fellow Conservative,

This past week, we told you that the Obama administration was taking its nuclear deal with Iran to the United Nations in order to avoid having to go to Congress.

This plan is very much still in the works. The President knows the treaty is dead on arrival if he follows the Constitution and presents it to Congress.

For the President to circumvent Congress and the Constitution is unprecedented. Obama knows that he doesn’t have the votes to ratify the treaty, so he is having the United Nations do his dirty work.

And Congress is prepared to respond. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is threatening to withhold funding the United Nations if Obama tries to circumvent Congress. And he’s serious.

“If [the Obama administration goes] to the UN Security council and the UN Security council lifts all sanctions before we ever get a chance to look at this deal, absolutely I would suspend funding the United Nations,” Graham told Fox News, “because I don't think your money should go to an organization that irresponsible.”

The United Nations gets 22% of its total budget from the American taxpayers. In 2015, that amounts to $654 million. Now, Obama is using the UN to circumvent Congress to impose his radical agenda.

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from surrendering to Iran and defund the UN!

Sure, Congress is working on legislation to force Obama to present the US-Iran nuclear deal to the Senate for approval. But that legislation won’t receive a preliminary hearing until mid-April.

By that time, the deal could be finalized and on its way to the UN Security Council for approval.

What Obama is doing right now is unconstitutional. He is negotiating a treaty with no intention of ever asking the “advice and consent of the Senate” as the Constitution explicitly requires. Without a 2/3 vote in the Senate, Obama’s treaty won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

So he’s choosing to go through the United Nations and have them impose this treaty on the American people. And when his plan is complete, he intends to unlawfully lift the Congressionally imposed sanctions. This plan is tyrannical.

Now there are also rumors that the President is abandoning Israel and pushing for a UN resolution to force the Israelis to give up huge chunks of their land.

We always knew that Obama had a globalist agenda. We saw that when he had John Kerry sign the UN Arms Trade Treaty even though Congress refused to ratify it. And now, we see his hatred for the Constitution again with this proposal to circumvent Congress.

Enough is enough!

We the People finance 22% of the United Nations’ budget. That funding isn’t required, it is optional. It is time for Congress to pull the plug and reassert its legislative authority!

No President can be allowed to circumvent the Constitution and rule of law through the United Nations like this.

This proposal to strip the UN of funding isn’t coming from the Tea Party Caucus… it is coming from Lindsey Graham, an Establishment Republican. Defunding the UN isn’t just some pipe dream. It has the potential to become reality.

But like always, the only way this happens is if patriots like you DEMAND it!

Defund the UN! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from using the UN to circumvent Congress on Iran!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

Entry #797


MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - March 20, 2015, 9:58 pm
That's what needs to be done. This treasonous SOB needs to be jailed..
jarasanComment by jarasan - March 20, 2015, 10:28 pm
barry is corrupt.

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