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Redskins Predict Kerry Victory


For the last 7 decades the final home game of the Washington Redskins has correctly predicted the result of the presidential election. If the Redskins win the final home game before the election the incumbent or the incumbent's party keeps the White House. If they loose, the incumbent looses the White House. Well today was the final home game before the election on tuesday and with a decisive victory Green Bay beat the Redskins 28-14, just as John Kerry will decisively defeat George Bush on tuesday to return this country to the hands of the people and out of the hands of the rich and corporate america.
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whodeaniComment by whodeani - November 1, 2004, 2:47 pm
Hey Babel I am with you here. I hope a lot of people believe this Washington Redskin trend. Maybe a lot of Democrats think the election is now in hand and will stay home and not vote. Hhehehe. I have evidence of this:

"Oh, yeah, he's going to win. It's guaranteed," said Packers safety Darren Sharper, a Kerry supporter. "I don't have to vote now. Don't even have to go to the polls. Saved me a trip on Tuesday."

So to all of you Democrats out there, you don't need to vote on Tuesday. :-)
Comment by Babel - November 1, 2004, 4:30 pm
Ha! Keep dreamin man. Dropped off my ballot just this morning.
Comment by CASH Only - November 1, 2004, 4:45 pm
The last eight Yankee World Series wins (going back to 1961) have come under a Democratic president.

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