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Powerball 4/11


As posted in Forum Powerball MEGA 100+G

RESULT 1 32 12 42 58  pb 12  for 4/11    NUMBUR 12 was obviously key.     Solaris Groups had one: 12 and group two : 42.  Deck range also 42 with 31+1 = 32 and 59-1 = 58   Arrow 12/12 and 42/2/32  Solaris 32 0+/1 and 31/1 13+- = 12    Row was 1 and 32 and 29-1= 58 

The date method that worked : 4/11/2015  is sum of month 4 day 2 year 8 and date dec # 1 so we get combinations 42 58 (28+30) 12  and 1 with 32 (2+30) (note 4+1 = 5 and 2+1=3)  so back digit 1 2 8 and front digit 1 2 3 4 5. 

All winners were found by taking 2 each from the Groups (12/42), Solaris (32/58), Exact (1/12), Deck (1/42), arrow (12,42), and row (32,1).  Solaris had 3 numburs.  Did any of you see this list and try some of the choices?  I didn't get to the store on time to buy a ticket but did not realize the three 12's (12/12/42) would be good. The reality is the list was easy to use, but we have so many choices, the CHALLENGE really is to only choose a small set (6) of numburs from a limit pool of choices.  Stay Posted. We are on to something guud! 

Paneagle is the founder of S>E>E> Foundation non-profit at seeocean org online to work with the Real Natural Environment and Children are the Future Now. OCEAN stands for Operation Clear Ecological Awareness Now!

Letting you know the wins of this game are for a much larger poirpoise.  We do not need money to save the world, we just need to be aware. Support the Real World today and for true survival, yourself. When money is not the reason, but attitude of FUUULLness for THE ALL IS, then YU will win! So  Let us Know when you win! 

Entry #42


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