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mrlottery15 Addition and Subtraction Numbers!!


Addition And Subtraction Numbers

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Have you ever really thought by what actually take place when lottery numbers are drawn. I know that they have a few test drawing before the actual drawing happens. That is to make sure that the game is not rigged or that none of the balls weigh more than the others. But the games itself in the Pick 3 or Pick world all that the lottery machines do is go up and they go down on numbers that have already been drawn. It just that simple. Of course you have to figure out which numbers they are going to go up and down on because it could be numbers that were drawn on yesterday or two weeks ago.That is the mystery of it all. It is some time real simple or other times it be complicated depending on the formation of the numbers.
I like my system because it give me the up and down numbers that goes with any particular group of numbers and doubles. Like for instance 170-171-177 these three numbers are connect to one another. Well we know if you go up on 170 it would be 171. However, it could also be 177 because it is the double mate to the 171. So if you did not know that all doubles have mates you would probably say where the heck did they get that from? Another point to remember that 0's or 9's and 9's are 0's. You are probably saying how is that. My workout automatically changes my 0's and 9's numbers that go together. Like if I have 984 then 084 would be on that same tract with the 984. Or if I have 304 then 394 would be on that same line or tract with the 304. They do it all the time when they draw lottery number with Pick 3 and Pick 4 games.

So you are probably asking yourself how is this going to help me win the Big One. Well! One way could be this! If your state drew numbers with 0's or 9' contained in that combination you could change those 0's and 9's out and play just those numbers for a few days and see if you get a win. It might not be a Big Win but a win none the less depending on how well you play. In Ga this past week we had 680 on Thursday Midday. At some point I know that they are going to come back and draw 689 or 698. It could be right or way or it might be longer. Any way here are my Generic Picks for the week!!!



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