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Old Basic sample #1, Passwords Security, Etc.


Last Edited: May 9, 2015, 4:58 pm

A very simple text only (no graphics) very basic calculator with only 4 functions: +, -, X and /.

That is: Addition, Substraction, Multiplication and Division.

I made it years ago, I used to know very little (almost nothing) about Commodore Basic 2, back on the 1980s and maybe also on the earlier 1990s.

With the right basic interpreter and or a basic compiler it works.

I compiled it to a stand aone .EXE file years ago when I made it.

As you can see, it is the very old Basic that used (uses) line numbers.

With the right basic interpreter and or a basic compiler it works.

1 PRINT "Calculator.":C = C
3 PRINT "Type: E ( E = Exit) or + or - or X or /"
4 INPUT "Type one of the 5 options and press Enter ";X$
5 IF X$ = "E" THEN 26
6 PRINT "Right now you have:": PRINT C
7 PRINT "Type a number And press the Enter key"
8 INPUT "To use other function or to Exit enter 0 (Zero)"; A
9 IF A = 0 THEN 3
10 IF X$ = "+" THEN 14
11 IF X$ = "-" THEN 17
12 IF X$ = "X" THEN 20
13 IF X$ = "/" THEN 23
14 C = C + A:PRINT "Addition":GOTO 6
17 C = C - A:PRINT "Substraction":GOTO 6
20 C = C * A:PRINT "Multiplication":GOTO 6
23 C = C / A:PRINT "Division":GOTO 6
26 END


By the way about making secure enough passwords.

If you make very sinple passwords make them at least 22 characters long.

If you make them just a little more secure make them at least 16 characters long.

If you make passwords even a little more secure make them at least 14 characters long.

And if you do make secure enough passwords make them t least 11 characters long.

But no password might be 100% secure, some people and also the government might be able to break most or all passwords.

If you really need the most protection make very secure passwords and also make them at least 30 characters long.

But I think that most Internet sites won't let you enter passwwords that are 30 characters long, maybe because they and the government might not be able to easily crack them.

So, if you really have to protect something and can use any password, use secure 30 characters passwords.


Of course, there can be passwords inside of passwords inside of passwords to infinite or I think so, but I am not sure, if so, use this technique, give them hell, but Internet sites and most software can't handle this kind of technique, you would have to make your own software.


Also, there are some non computer encryption techniques that nobody can break, no matter what they try or for how long they try and no matter with what they try, it just can't be broken, that is for text and also for voice messages.

Sometimes the only way is to have the key or keys and neither super computers nor super software will decode the messages, this is true no matter what anybody else says otherwise.

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