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"The Real Teachings of the Koran


"The Real Teachings of the Koran

By Cal Thomas

During the Cold War, American intelligence loved getting its hands on defectors from communism. The reasoning was that these people had the best information about the plans of the other side, information that would help America defeat them.

In the present war against what President Bush has properly labeled "Islamic fascism," defectors are just as valuable.

The Israel Project, an international nonprofit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel, recently made a former leading imam and radical Islam expert available for media interviews and I had a chance to speak with him. He goes by the name of Sam Soloman because of death threats from those not happy with the information he has about their plans to dominate the world.

Soloman was brought up in the Islamic tradition and became a "recruiter," which he says is something like an assistant teacher. One of his responsibilities was "brainwashing people in the Koran." He tells me "The suicide bombers go through stages, and the most important stage is not when they blow themselves up. The most important stage is conforming them to the (Muslim) ideology. Once they are conformed to the ideology, the rest is easy. That is the role I had."

Soloman is in double trouble. Not only did he abandon Islam and the terrorists' objectives, he has also become a Christian, which has marked him for death. Born in the Middle East, he visited Washington from his adopted country, which he declines to name to protect his family.

Soloman speaks with knowledge, credibility and conviction. He has memorized large sections of the Koran and tells me, "There's not a single verse in the Koran talking about peace with a non-Muslim, with the Jews and the Christians. Islam means submission. Islam means surrender. It means you surrender and accept Islamic hegemony over yourselves..."

I ask him about the best strategy for fighting it: "It cannot be combated simply by force. It needs to be combated ideologically, spiritually (as well as) through arms."

Soloman says the outlets for Islamic ideology are religious - seminaries, the madrassas (Koranic schools) and especially the mosques. "From the beginning, Mohammed used the mosque to propagate this ideology. It was in the mosque that jihad was declared (and) that troops were sent to conquer the rest of the world. The mosque was the seat of government and Americans are right to be concerned about (their growth)."

He asks Americans to inform themselves about the real teachings of Islam and not to fall for what various Islamic groups say it teaches. Soloman says, "The simplest Islamic book you open" teaches that all unbelievers (in Islam) are profane people. "Because of the (Koranic) text and what it says, it incites violence." He begins quoting verses from memory, too quickly to write them all down. One is, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush." (Surah 9:5)

"This kind of tactic of taking verses out of context can be used against any religious faith," says Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic civil rights and advocacy group. "It can and has been used against the Bible and has been used against the Quran."

"These verses deal with the real experience of the Muslim community at the time when they were under attack. It's not a general injunction to go out and harm people. The only people who take it that way are those who want to promote hostility toward Islam and Muslims. They would object if the same thing were done to their faith."

Yes, but virtually all Christians and Jews denounce the infinitesimal few who claim to be Jewish or Christian and use their "holy books" to justify violence against others as a direct command from God.

Asked whether the Koran commands the killing of or violence against all nonbelievers, Ali Khan, national director of the Chicago-based American Muslim Council, replied: "No. (That's) far from the truth. There's nothing in the Koran, no verse that I'm aware of, that advocates the killing of nonbelievers."

The terrorists and those who preach from mosques throughout the Middle East must be reading a different version, then, because virtually all of their sermons that I've read claim their God wants them to kill all "infidels."

Soloman says Americans must demand from the leading Islamic hierarchy, such as the Muslim World League and the Union of Imams, a fatwa that makes it clear "that this is not what the text means and that these texts are no longer effective. They have passed their date. But if they remain effective and eternally valid, then in America we have a serious problem."

How serious? He says "They are infiltrating and undermining every part of this society. We are promoting Islamic mortgages, Islamic insurance companies. There are 29 banks in the United States promoting Islamic banking. Since 1999, Dow Jones has launched Dow Jones Islamic Index and has subjected itself to be governed by an international Sharia board." (Sharia is the religious law of Islam outlined in the Koran.)

Soloman adds, "The Islamic organizations have their missionaries and there are active or sleeping cells in this country." He mentions one, Tablighi Jamaat, "a Pakistani organization that is hand-in-glove with the Wahaabis, strong Muslim sects known for their strict observance of the Koran, and a strong facilitator of al-Qaida and other factions of terrorism. They alone have 1,000 missionaries in New York, 50,000 across the United States. This is only one organization. In 1994, I took a map and started putting pins in it. I found there is not a single state without a mosque. Since then (the number) has increased."

Americans must see past their natural reluctance to paint all members of a group with a broad brush and realize our failure to act now against this clear and present danger in the ways Sam Soloman recommends will lead to a disaster for us that is far worse than our Cold War enemies had envisaged. "


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Rick GComment by Rick G - August 20, 2006, 4:38 pm
Religious zealotry is the bane of civilization. It can be seen in all religions, though not as vehement as Islam. Karl Marx once wrote that religion is the opiate of humanity. Unfortunately, the "opiate" is being administered in overdose quantities and will be the death of humanity because the administrators are in positions of political power and military might.

Religion was invented as a way to control the masses. The inventor has succeeded brilliantly. The true and only religion, the Golden Rule, has been left by the wayside and you don't have to contribute money or death to be a member...just being a human being qualifies.
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 20, 2006, 5:19 pm
"Religion was invented as a way to control the masses."

So true. Most people I know who call themselves "religious" confuse spiritual awareness with cult membership. You only have to think of Jim Jones and Kool-Aid to realize that religious leaders often prey upon the lost and forgotten souls who are yearning for love and redemption. The sad irony is that his father was in the KKK, so maybe that hatred gave birth to a new madness.
konaneComment by konane - August 20, 2006, 5:45 pm
Rick G, Justxploring ... couldn't agree with you more.

When someone substitutes dogmatic zealotry for belief they're in real trouble. 'Bout as sane as Charles Manson.
Comment by jim695 - August 20, 2006, 9:25 pm
justxploring said:

"...religious leaders often prey upon the lost and forgotten souls who are yearning for love and redemption."

This is exactly what they do, and it's much easier than one might realize. I'll use our prison system to illustrate my point:

While I have no statistics to back this up, I'd guess that every Death Row inmate in this country is now a born-again Christian. When a man (or woman) has nothing left, when their lives have been so hopelessly ruined that they have nothing else to hold onto, they will always turn to Christ. One cannot become more lost or forgotten than when he's rotting in a 6' x 8' cell waiting for his own appointment with the Reaper, and I think a lot of young people all over the world feel that way (lost and forgotten), even though they're not in prison. However, since these young people are free, they still have hope of finding a direction to follow. When anyone, even a religious leader, puts a hand on some troubled kid's shoulder and says, "I care about you," that kid will do anything he's told to do just to maintain that validation; he will also do anything in his power to ensure he doesn't lose that validation in the eyes of his mentor. That's the anatomy of a suicide bomber.

Barbarity and civilization are mutually exclusive terms, but I doubt that one could exist without the other; civility emerges when a society witnesses unruly acts and refuses to abide by them. America went through this during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and we emerged in the twentieth century having learned from our violent past. We can no longer shoot someone for cheating at cards or just for being stupid (well, not without serious consequences, anyway) as was common in the American Old West. Societal civility in this country was learned through a century and a half of gory violence.

Now, those hard-learned lessons we've brought forth are working against us. America is now a civilized society, and we wouldn't think of using methods of war even remotely similar to those used against us by our current foes; it simply wouldn't be civilized; it's what makes us better people than our enemies. However, since our enemies recognize neither the Geneva Doctrines nor Conventional Rules of Warfare, the war now being fought in Iraq was lost before the first salvo was fired.

Several months ago, I sent a letter to Donald Rumsfeld. I suggested issuing vials of pig's blood diluted with a little rubbing alcohol (to prevent coagulation) to all of our fighting troops. When an insurgent is killed or wounded, the blood would be dribbled over the remains or poured down a wounded enemy's throat, thereby rendering him impure and negating his standard deal with Allah (palace of gold, 77 virgins, etc.). Rumsfeld wrote back and said we couldn't do that because it would offend their religious beliefs. Since that time, around 1,400 allied troops have been killed but, on the upside, the insurgents can rest assured that we respect their religion and therefore, we're better than they are, see?

We're playing their game on their field; we have to play by their rules if we expect to win. And we'll have to do it even if (*gasp*) we should offend them or their beliefs by doing so. I can see only one other option: I'll send another letter to Rumsfeld and ask him to contact Vince McMahon. Who else could arrange to put Allah and Jesus into the ring together? Just one rule in this all-out cage match, though - you can only hit your opponent in the head, and you can only hit him with your own book.

I'm not a big fan of pay-per-view, but that's one bout I would love to see...

Rick GComment by Rick G - August 21, 2006, 12:40 am

Great post! Vince McMahon is the promoter to do it. "Battle of the Books". Best idea I've heard since the chihuahua races.

All profits could go to rebuild the world being destroyed around us by a minority of idiots.
Rick GComment by Rick G - August 21, 2006, 12:48 am
PS...sorry, but I meant to thank Konane once again for being one of the best (if not THE best) bloggers on this site. I check it daily.

konaneComment by konane - August 21, 2006, 10:04 am
Rick G, thank you very much!! Thanks to all who read and all those who commented.

Jim695 I still like your idea of pigs blood or perhaps lard. Jonah Goldberg wrote "Pigs Jews and War" suggesting same.

Only real way terrorists are going to be defeated is from within Islam .......... silence is deafening except for a couple of brave souls who've spoken up. However, it's going to necessitate bringing 7th century barbaric teachings into the 20th century along with the rest of the world, just as Christianity has been updated, except for some fringe firebrand fundamentalist churches.

Within the whole terrorist situation is laced a lesson I found in one of my metaphysical articles and that is RESPONSIBILITY.

Neanderthals in the Middle East blame everyone except their own society for all the world's ills .... when they should be placing themselves under a microscope.

This lesson is one for all of humanity, especially for anyone choosing to believes their problems, their life situations, their struggles are caused by someone else.

It's a biggie because terrorists are wallowing in it, wearing it as their mantle, striking out at the world for perceived wrongs. Liberals want to "fix it" by giving them what they want so they'll go away. Conservatives realize that terrorists are in a never ending terrible-two's hissie fit which can not be placated by appeasement, caving or throwing money in their direction.

It's all about choices, it's about learning power of mental attitude, it's about perseverance and a deliberate intent to accomplish. It's about changing a poverty mindset to a prosperity mindset by expanding what you thought was possible, while remaining grounded and continuing to work for your set goal.

It's easier to blame than act, but since the lesson of responsibility is what humanity created for itself then we might as well suck up and get on with learning it.

Note: that lesson is present because of energy changes beginning in 1987 which are NOT going back to the way they used to be .... ever.

Back to the Islamagoons, they blame everyone for their problems and feed right back into negativity therefore create negativity in their actions, negativity is self-perpetuating when fed. Negativity always consumes a person whether through illness, an error in judgment or in their case a bullet or bomb-vest which takes them on to their 72 tired old skanky drag-queens. Not as optimistic as you, Jim ..... in my way of thinking they've got one heck of a surprise waiting and it's not pretty at all!!
Comment by shalini - August 21, 2006, 10:23 am
pigs blood...fabulous.......nothing wd offend them more.....lol!

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