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Expert Lotto WN History Estimate


I have come up with something that I would like to share with all of you. While working with the WN History filter and trying to find a good starting point for making sum range estimates I developed the table below. The table is based on the WNH simulation and I have added a few things.


1. I took the min/max sum values from the simulation and found the mid point sum. I then found the max sum difference and adjusted the min sum value difference to an opposite mirror difference. Example: If the max difference is +19 then the min sum difference is -19 and I adjust all of the 11 columns this way. I then find the mid point sum value which should be the actual drawn sum from the last drawing.


2. I then find the mid point sum value between the min and mid point sum values and the mid point and the max sum values and place them in a table. This is the table that you will want to work from when making your estimates. The numbers highlighted in bright green are where the next drawn sum values fall within the table. The numbers highlighted under the Avg. are the avg. sums that fell within +/-10 in the next drawing. The avg. sum values are good to consider when making your estimates.


The idea is to have a good starting point for making your estimates and most of the time and depending on the amount of numbers in the game that you are working with, the next drawn sum value should be within the sum value ranges of the table. The higher the pool of numbers in the game that you are working with the higher the chance that the one or more of the sums from the next drawing will go below the minimum range in the table.


Make up a table for your game and do some back testing and see what kind of results that you get, most of the time they are very good.


The table below is for the West Virginia Cash 25.



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