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Soon I will make my own private Tx predictions.


With the help of Ricky's program's stats, I am soon going to start to make private (just for myself only, (Very sorry)) Texas predictions, first only once a day and then twice a day, I have wanted to do this for a while, but I have gotten to be too lazy, his program will make getting the stats easier for me and so save me some work.

I won't post my Texas predictions, but after making some of them I will say how I am doing with them, good or bad.

I will do box predictions first for a while and then try to also do some straight ones.

I will not try to play them, at least not untill I see that I can make some kind of regular profit playing offline with the Texas Lottery, if there is no profit then I will not play.

I don't know for how long I might try this.

I will not try any other states, not at this time.

At this time I won't try to play online either.

If it turns out that I can make good private Tx predictions I will play them with Tx and then I will study Georgia's, Florida's and South Carolina's past pick 3 draws and then try to also make private predictions for them, if I do O.K. with them, which I doubt very much, I will either post them or send them to a few people.

If I do 4 states I will not have much time to study them too well, as I will take more time with Tx than with the other 3 states.

I do want to make 2 to 3  weekly public Tx predictions here on LP somewhere, if eventually I do O.K. with the other 3 states then I would do the same for them.

I could never handle making predictions for more than 4 states, I might not even be able to make predictions for any other state other than for Texas.

Ricky's software does need some adjustments, mostly the listing of combined Mid and Eve draws, for any particular day or date the Midday draw must be listed first as it comes first and then the Evening draw most be listed second as it comes second.

The other big change is with the manual entering of new draws, it is an antique system of entering draws and very hard to use and do, it should be made much more automatic or semi-automatic, a person should have to only enter the digits themselves the dates should automatically advance to the next draw's date and the number shoud automatically be entered after entering the third or right digit without any need at all to press enter, otherwise it takes a lot of work and time to enter the draws.

But other than that the program is very good, I think.

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