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Blood Clots, Bad Circulation, Etc.


They say that if a person is or feels sick he or she should go and see a doctor, at least doctors and big pharma say that.

They might also say that a person should not self diagnose and self medicate.

They also might say that a person should not substitute home remedies for prescription medicine.

I felt that I should say all of that just in case (Same as always).


Now for what I wanted to say, but first:

I got this from a Web site and should instead have posted a link to the Web site where the info was, but when I got it, I didn't know that I would be posting here about it, so I only got the info itself and here it is:

Before I post it, I should say that according to some sites on the Internet Cassia cinnamon can and or will damage the liver if taken too much of it and or too often.

Also that anticoagulants natural or not can or might cause bleeding and that probably prescription anticoagulants and non prescription and or natural anticoagulants should not be taken at the same time, by that I mean that if you are on prescription anticoagulants you probably should not also take natural and or non prescription anticoagulants and you might bleed, bleed too much and or bleed to death.

If you are not sure, speak to a doctor first.

I think that I gave enough warnings, so now:

These might or might not help against blood clots and or bad circulation, but maybe don't over-do, that is don't over-take them:

Cayenne pepper
Blueberries, cranberries, grapes,
Tea, both black and green tea
Pineapple juice
Cassia cinnamon (Taken too often and or too much might damage the liver).
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Fish oil,  Omega-3 fatty acids
Dark chocolate and cocoa
Evening primrose oil (Gamma linolenic acid-containing oils)
Ginkgo biloba (Don't over do).
Ginseng (panax ginseng)
Dong quai
Coenzyme Q-10
B-group vitamins
Fish oils
Vitamin C
I am not a doctor, it is all up to you, what you take or don't take and how much.

Blood clots are a very serious thing, they can cause a lot of harm and or kill you.

If you can't see well, the Firefox browser allows you to enlarge what you see on it, go to VIEW and then to ZOOM.

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