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Real Lottery Works


Last Edited: May 19, 2015, 4:24 pm

Two years ago I began the serious research of Big Game Lottery Draw, using Astrology and Numburs.

This has involved daily process of recording of data, research of most big drawings, application of various models to predict the winners, and observation of results. This produced a numbur of models that produce a valuable list, some producing a complete set of winners. There was no sure repeat of any system although each provide varying degrees of accuracy.

This was a process of true understanding of the cycles of our solar clock, the Solaris model which developed from this, and of course general and specific life observations. Now the key Solaris model has arrived, and exact predictions are much more likely. The Solaris is also a method far beyond the mode of Lottery, and of course, involves both some reason for the real awareness, and the distinct knowledge that even resolves the need for winning jackpots, which is not really not necessary for survival or happiness. Yet it is in the financial world system, and sometimes more important to realize why and how then what and when.

Yes, I have thought about it deeply, and it is related to true FUN Raising, as well as FUND Raising, for the project of real awareness of our true life, the real natural environment, which is started as seeocean.org, where you can find the large picture of good and real survival of man and our true being as well as all of nature. There is a far greater purpose to this blog, the system, and winning Lotteries. You all should be aware at some level, not just thinking I won, and Yu-Hoo, Hoorah for me. 

I release the solarisastrology.blogspot for those wanting to really know the True Real Solar Astrology for your life and lifetimes, and especially, here and now. 

The powerball Mega Millions 100+G Forum is my main area of delivery of the numbur choices each week. The focus is Mega and PB and also Florida Lottery, but also the Euro and the six and five ball games.

\ Please let us know when you WIN.

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