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Best offline wheeling and stats program.


All, but one of all ofthe pick 3 programs that I have used on a scale of 0 to 100 I rate from 0 up to no more than 50%, the only 3 that I rate at about 50% are LottoMatrix3, the Crunch 2 (3) and ProFilter-Pick-3 all others I rate at from 20 to 30% more or less, this is not counting Lottery Director and Lotto Architect as I have not tested those 2 yet.

Of all of them the best one that I have used up to now is LotSoft and I rate it at about 80% more or less, about 30% higher than the highest of all the other programs.

I already can't see myself without it.

Once a few things get updated, if they get updated at all, I should rate it a little higher.

If I didn't use Lotsoft, I would have to use the Crunch 2 combined with either Lottomatrix3 or ProFilter-Pick-3 or better all 3 of them, but it would be very much more trouble, mostly having to update the databases of both LottoMatrix3 and Profilter-Pick-3, instead of updating the databases in only 1 program (LotSoft), but right now updating the databases on LotSoft by hand is also a lot of trouble as the process is very antique and very very slow.

That is one of the few things that LotSoft needs to get fixed.

Good luck to all.

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TenajComment by Tenaj - August 23, 2006, 6:52 am
Lantern, you don't need to manually update the draws in Lotsoft. It has Live Update. Just Click on Live Update.    It's awesome.
Comment by EXCALIBUR - August 24, 2006, 2:18 am

Thank You much.
Yes, but LotSoft is a good program, the kind that we want to keep on using, first I would like all of its parts working as they should, even the manual updating, then Ricky and his web site and live updates are here now, but will they always be here (There)? What about 10 or 15 years from now, will then still be free or any kind of live updates? Or will he and his website and its updates be long gone by then? We or whoever will use the program by then have to update them by hand.
The pick 3 and 4 lotteries might still be here 10 to 15 years from now and Ricky will still be around somewhere, but maybe not his website and or live updates, maybe they will be gone in 1 to 5 years, so I would like his program to be easier to update by hand than it is right now, just in case.
Good luck to you.

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