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"Ari Fleischer To Jimmy Carter: Youâ_Tre Music To Hezbollahâ_Ts Ears


Via Powerlineblog.com found a link to this.

Should have been said by every world head of state over and over for years. 

Our current terrorist situation was directly caused by Carter's cowardice and belief savages can be appeased ............. look where it's gotten us.  They became more and more emboldened and grew like mushrooms on wet mulch. 

Perhaps terrorist organizations will soon erect a statue in Carter's honor.

"Ari Fleischer To Jimmy Carter: You’re Music To Hezbollah’s Ears
August 22, 2006 at 4:46 pm
Extreme Mortman has a copy of the letter Ari Fleischer sent to Jimmy Carter.
Some favorite passages:
I just read the transcript of your interview with the German magazine, Der Spiegel, in which you accuse Israel of launching an “unjustified attack on Lebanon.”
Even after the interviewer reminded you that Israel was the first to get attacked, you charged Israel with lacking “any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon.”
As someone who served in the White House as a spokesman for a President, I am reluctant to criticize another President, but in this instance my conscience compels me to do so.
Mr. President, your words are music to Hezbollah’s ears and your message is a blow to long-term peace.
Just as you underestimated the threat of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, you underestimate the threat of radical Islam today.  Your condemnation of Israel, the victim, only encourages Hezbollah, the attacker, to bide its time and attack again.

I’m sorry to see you articulate about Hezbollah and its aggression the same weak world-view that encouraged Soviet aggression.  As Ronald Reagan showed us, peace through strength is the only formulation understood by those bent on destruction.
I understand your longing for peace and your fond hope that Hezbollah can be reasoned with.  However, when you call Israel’s defense “an attack”, when you call what is justified “unjustified”, and when you call morality immoral, I conclude that the pro-defense, strong foreign policy lessons of the 70s and 80s remain unacceptable to you.  Also, when you criticize Israel for targeting so-called “civilian” areas in Beirut and other areas where Hezbollah hides its operations, the result would be – if Israel listened to you – the creation of safe havens from which more violence and rocket attacks would be planned and launched.
Sadly, Hezbollah today is planning its next war.  For the sake of peace, Israel deserves your praise, not your condemnation."
Entry #534


Comment by jim695 - August 23, 2006, 1:46 pm
I heard parts of this interview on some talk radio program a few days ago. Carter must be in the latter stages of senility to have said the things he did; I couldn't believe those comments were coming from a former United States president.

It seems to me that more and more dignitaries are developing a fondness for the taste of their own feet.

konaneComment by konane - August 23, 2006, 2:04 pm
Very happy to see you back commenting!! Very few people thought much of Carter as Gov. of Georgia and frankly were shocked when he road the coattails of the religious right into Washington. However the media seemed to love him so that was the first big clue right there. Then came his and his family's own version of Beverly Hillbillies reinforcing world image that we Georgians still don't have indoor plumbing or electric lights.

Actually what I believe is happening is the real person is shining through in living color ..... allowing his true beliefs to pour out to the world.

So in hindsight as we're cleaning up his mess now and for years to come we can fully appreciate what a putz he really is and has always been.

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