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Powerball Apology


tHE pOWERBALL dRAWING OF ALMOST 200 mILLION on June 3 was either delayed and not shown live until 30 minutes later, and as announced due to some mess up at the studio or with the machine or the program at their station headquarters. We do not know and they do not tell us, keeping it all secret, which for such an important drawing, not revealing the actual time of the draw, or what error occurs, is very much indefensible. 

MY APOLOGY is for distributing the winner list, which still was close to accurate, but being time sensitive, was not exact enough. My Apology for this list error, which I stand with very positively, but if the lottery cannot be aligned properly, makes me have to issue an Apology for Powerball and Florida which operates the drawing. I will say this absolute mess is not our fault or cause, but our responsibility to make sure is run properly. The lack of trust in the lottery to operate perfectly, which almost any one else it seems could do correctly, added the fact State Lotteries siphon off huge amount for sales and operation, not to mention use of funds for education, which despite appearance, is not improving, and not making our school systems better or valuable, nor lowering the excess costs for students and our student loans. The entire system has huge holes, and the fact we have to apologize for the lottery functionality, is quite AB----or AS------(you fill in the blank)

Please keep posted if I again post Lottery choices, which the new SOLA STAR LOTTERY works effectively. We have been able to show winners for almost a month now, consistently. Powerball mega 100+G Forum.

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Comment by paneagle - June 6, 2015, 10:58 am
It is amazing no one has commented on this. Really, no comments from anyone. Is everyone so far gone now, just following the dust of the .gov and .social line of thought so much we cannot see the forest for the trees, or what I have offered here? Do we trust blindly everything we hear or see on the news. It is amazing to me that its gotten this far out. That is why I posted. Wake UP, folks.
Comment by SkyLine69 - September 5, 2015, 1:34 pm
I'm WIDE awake bro. Trust me WIDE AWAKE with the Agenda 2030 BS and what's happening   Living in Texas (as a threat so our Gov says) I'm trying hard to win and get off the grid as do on as possible   So, if no one else wants to try and understand it's because they only want the correct numbers and not have to work at it. I'm the complete opposite. Being a controls automation engineer and robotics programmer I WANT to work it so IM COMFORTABLE with the numbers I'm playing

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