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Spying On Your Private Communications?


Spying on your private communications and or safeguarding important information?

Hand them the documents yourself! Without the key, they can't read them.

This is no regular crypto stuff, it is very simple and unbreakable without the key.

On T.V. today I heard that some people are upset that they can't know what some people on the Internet are saying to each other, cause of the particular way in which they communicate with each other, whichever way that might be.


Well, my point is that it is easy enough to develop and use unbreakable secure communication codes.

Yes, maybe they don't want people to know, but even if they used I billion supercomputers with the very best hardware and software for a trillion years non-stop, they would not be able to crack the code (key).

I won't give details cause I don't want to give people ideas, you go ahead and develop your own if you can, I will keep my own ideas to myself, they are more than just ideas, it is invisible and unbreakable code, I should say "codes" as the possible codes are "legion".

Nobody other than the person or persons to who it is meant for would know that a communication was sent, to who it was sent to and what was sent and no special "dark-net" stuff needed nor any such stuff, I prefer to give no particular details, but it should be known that the ------------- is wasting their time and money wiretapping means of communication such as newspapers, phones, tablets, radios, computers-Internet, you could hand to them the kind or sort of encrypted code and they and their computers would never be able to read it (decode), not without the key (keys).

It is the kind of thing that can be read only with the key(s) and there is no other possible way, as it is totally unbreakable code, I could give examples here, but I don't want to give people my own ideas on this here topic, let them make their own if they can, it is a simple thing to do, once you know how.

There are very many who will say that what I say is not true, but even super simple stuff like what I have in mind can't be solved without a key no matter who tries and with what and for how long, it is just not possible.

Some-things you just have to see to believe in them.

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