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"Texas Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US from Mexico


Why we need the border welded shut yesterday. 

Contact your senators, representatives and demand action NOW. 

Amnesty means letting our guard down for these guys, too.

"Texas Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US from Mexico
By Kevin Mooney
CNSNews.com Staff Writer
August 21, 2006

(CNSNews.com) - The chief law enforcement officers of several Texas counties along the southern U.S. border warn that Arabic-speaking individuals are learning Spanish and integrating into Mexican culture before paying smugglers to sneak them into the United States. The Texas Sheriffs' Border Coalition believes those individuals are likely terrorists and that drug cartels and some members of the Mexican military are helping them get across the border.

Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez of Zapata County, Texas told Cybercast News Service that Iranian currency, military badges in Arabic, jackets and other clothing are among the items that have been discovered along the banks of the Rio Grande River. The sheriff also said there are a substantial number of individuals crossing the southern border into the U.S. who are not Mexican. He described the individuals in question as well-funded and able to pay so-called "coyotes" - human smugglers - large sums of money for help gaining illegal entry into the U.S.

Although many of the non-Mexican illegal aliens are fluent in Spanish, Gonzalez said they speak with an accent that is not native.

"It's clear these people are coming in for reasons other than employment," Gonzalez said.

That sentiment is shared by Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.).

"For years, Muslims and other 'Special Interest Aliens' from places other than Mexico have been streaming into the U.S. across our porous border," Tancredo told Cybercast News Service. "These people are not paying $50,000 or more a head just to 'take jobs no American will do.'

"Terrorists are working round the clock to infiltrate the United States," he added. "Congress and this administration must address this gaping hole in our national security and they must do it now."

Patch with Arabic lettering lion's head and paratrooper wingsSome of the more high profile pieces of evidence pointing to terrorist infiltration of the U.S. have been uncovered in Jim Hogg County, Texas, which experiences a high volume of smuggling activity, according to local law enforcement.

"We see patches on jackets from countries where we know al Qaeda to be active," Gonzalez explained.

The patches appear to be military badges with Arabic lettering. One patch in particular, discovered this past December, caught the attention of federal homeland security officials, according to Gonzalez and local officials familiar with the investigation.

Patch with Arabic lettering depicting airplane flying toward towersSheriff Wayne Jernigan of Valverde County, Texas, told members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in March about one patch that read "midnight mission" and displayed an airplane flying over a building heading towards a tower. Translators with DHS have said some of the various phrases and slogans on the items could mean "martyr," "way to eternal life," or "way to immortality."

Gonzalez told the House International Relations Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Nonproliferation in July that the terrorists are getting smarter.

"To avoid apprehension, we feel many of these terrorists attempt to blend in with persons of Hispanic origin when entering the country." Gonzalez stated. "We feel that terrorists are already here and continue to enter our country on a daily basis."

Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County, Texas, told Cybercast News Service that he believes some Mexican soldiers are operating in concert with the drug cartels to aid the terrorists.

"There's no doubt in my mind," he said, "although the Mexican government and our government adamantly deny it."

Statistics made available through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) show more than 40,000 illegal aliens from countries "Other Than Mexico," designated as OTMs, were apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in the period ranging from October 2003 to June 2004, as they attempted to cross the southwestern border. An overview of border security challenges produced through the office of Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicates that almost 120,000 OTMs were apprehended while attempting to cross into the state from January through July 2005.

Local authorities are particularly concerned about illegal aliens arriving from Special Interest Countries (SICs) where a radical version of Islam is known to flourish. Perry's office cites Iraq, Iran, Indonesia and Bangladesh among those countries. A Tancredo spokesperson said the list also includes Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.

As Cybercast News Service previously reported an internal audit of DHS that combines the number of illegal aliens arriving from SICs with the documented instances of illegal aliens arriving from countries identified as being state sponsors of terrorism (SSTs) yields a grand total of over 90,000 such illegal aliens who have been apprehended during the five year period from fiscal year 2001 to fiscal year 2005.

The border security report delivered by Perry's office focuses attention on the "Triborder region" of Latin America, which spans an area between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

"The Triborder Region is a focal point of Islamic extremism," the report states. "Al Qaeda leadership plans to use criminal alien smuggling organizations to bring terrorist operatives across the border into the U.S."

Carlos Espinosa, a press spokesman for Tancredo, said his office is aware of a training camp in Brazil that actually teaches people from outside of Latin America how they can assimilate into the Mexican culture.

"They come up as illegal aliens and disguise themselves as potential migrant workers," Espinosa said. "
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emilygComment by emilyg - August 26, 2006, 12:42 pm
good article. thanks.
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 26, 2006, 3:29 pm
I agree. BTW, I was just talking to my sister on the phone about the new airline security measures. I crudely joked that I'm constipated before a trip, I better not use a suppository before boarding, or I'll be detained for hiding explosives. She brought up the Israeli airline (she lived in Israel for many years) and pointed out that El Al has little if no problems with security. The reason for that is because instead of "things" they are trained to notice body movements, facial expressions and analyze other signs of terrorist activity and stop it immediately. So she asked "Why don't we hire them or at least ask them to train our security people?" They are employing trained military personnel & intelligence officers while we are relying on local Sheriff's deputies and rookie Border Patrol agents.
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 26, 2006, 3:40 pm
No excuses, but I'm having trouble with my keyboard. Wish blogs had the edit feature. Assume they don't. The last post should have read "I crudely joked that if I'm" Maybe I just made a typo, but I have to proofread everything I write. Anyway, Konane, I agree 100% that our borders need to be protected and that people must realize it's for our own security, not to keep a farmhand from feeding his family. The terrorists are also crossing into the US from Canada.
konaneComment by konane - August 26, 2006, 4:01 pm
Blogs have an edit feature for the initial entry by the blogger, but not comments once the "Add Comment" button is pressed. Sometimes for comments I pull down a fresh Outlook Express (wordpad works too) email so I can spell check for typos before hitting send.

Yes agree with both hiring and adopting Israeli security methods. They're the world's foremost experts in spotting terrorists. We could and should learn volumes from them.

First we have to get some teeth into laws designed to protect us, profiling included. Next use those laws to tell all PC nazis to take a hike because when comes to the lives of many the "wittle feewins" of a few who want no more than to line their pockets ... simply don't figure into the equation.

As far as the illogical and insane left is concerned they could happily hold us all still while terrorists sawed off all our heads.

Reading some of their rants, reminds me so of Charles Manson ramblings.
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 26, 2006, 4:41 pm
You and I are often on opposite sides of the fence, Konane, since I have never been a fan of George Dubya and usually consider myself to be a Democrat. However, that doesn't mean I always vote The Party. I also never label myself Liberal/Left and I can clearly think "outside the box"...in the vernacular of the present. Basic Rights are never a right or left issue. They're a human issue. The extreme Liberals have bent over backwards so much, they all have curvature of the spine. One doesn't need to be an ACLU card carrying Liberal to be a proud American in support of a Democratic candidate. Maybe we simply don't want to be led by another Regime where government coverups, privacy violations and public ignorance are considered the best policies for the American people.

BTW, I'm getting a little paranoid. Every time I Google the words Hillary for President, my computer freezes up.   :-)
konaneComment by konane - August 26, 2006, 5:14 pm
Unfortunately the Democratic Party has been hijacked by a socialist faction with hidden agendas that would curdle your blood. You have no idea the cover-ups, sellouts, privacy violations they will quickly enact if elected.

Kiss your can goodbye because the borders are mowed flat as if they never existed.

The left is salivating for amnesty.

The radical left wants a socialist system to provide a boundary framework within their lives because they're incapable of creating that on their own. They can not deal with logical consequences of such a system and continue attempting to force the rest of us to accept what has worked nowhere else on earth in its many incarnations.

My favorite caption of Hillary is one with a "No" designation across her face, captioned underneath by "Defeat Communism Again in '08."

BTW, the NSA eavesdropping ruling by the latest leftist shopped judge WILL be overturned. She did not base her ruling on previous precedents set .... the issue having been thoroughly discussed, all applicable numerous precedents noted by the attorneys on Powerlineblog.com.

There is so much flotsam being presented by the leftist media as a violation of our rights that it's no wonder everyone is alarmed. However, this is the first time in history we've had a terrorist attack on our own soil. This is the first time we've earnestly fought the war on terror.

Terrorist problem was begun under pantywaist Democratic president Carter and handed off to GW by Impeached Democratic resident Clinton. Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union, Bush I got Saddam out of Kuwait .... seems they had their hands full.

Found this tidbit about how Clinton was elected in '92, how he intends to get Hillary elected in '08. Makes perfect sense.

emilygComment by emilyg - August 26, 2006, 7:36 pm
google   stupid   see what first entry is.
konaneComment by konane - August 26, 2006, 8:00 pm
I did that ...... but maybe not, check my latest blog entry.

A friend said they'd recently read a newspaper article along the same lines.

In my opinion you have someone who is far more intelligent than the failing media has given credit for ..... also in my opinion the media is meeting karma they created by perpetuating lies and ridicule.
emilygComment by emilyg - August 26, 2006, 10:07 pm
konane - i love the way you pleasantly disagree without attacking.
no matter who is in office - you're my friend. em
konaneComment by konane - August 26, 2006, 10:15 pm
And you're mine too, em!!!

But .... I reserve the right to attack politicians and the mainstream media!!!

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