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High Definition YouTube Videos + Some More.


I found a few high definition videos on YouTube.

I read on the Internet that some computers might have trouble "seeing" them right.

I am using Firefox 37.0.2 on an old Dell Optiplex computer that I bought used on the Internet maybe 2 to 4 years ago, it is an old computer but in good condition it has Windows XP SP3 on it.

The computer by itself with no monitor was when new about:

Now with Vista or Windows 7 on it they are about $100, yes you might not be able to find them anymore with WinXP on them.
A place on the Internet says that it was made on 2008.
My point is that old and used is not always bad, it works just as good as if it was new.
As far as I know the hardware is the original and has not been changed in any way.
I have right now several browser windows open including this one here at L.P.
But anyhow, I am going to do an Internet speed test.
I think that it was not as fast because there are 4 browser windows open, anyhow here it is:
Download: 4.1 Mbps
Upload: 770 kbps.
Latency: 36 ms.
Max Download 4.1 and Max Upload 1.44
As to the YouTube videos:
On "Settings" you need to change the resolution to 1080p if your computer and Internet speed can handle that.
I think that many or some o them are shown on Slow Motion.
I could not see them in their highest resolution, but I could see them in:
1080p resolution which is still HD.
This is in Full screen and also in Theater mode and in the small normal regular screen.
1440p and the 2160p resolutions I can't see at all in any size screen.
Anyhow, in 1080p and in Full Screen the videos look very nice.
While most people don't need this, you can check Flash Player here in one of these places:
Adobe ShockWave Player:
Adobe Flash Player is a very big pain in the neck, but even now it is still needed.
Do you remember this:
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