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The steamroller


Last Edited: August 27, 2006, 9:54 am

LottoMikes moving blog entry about the threat to online gambling and how removal of the right to do it will touch his life tells a far larger story than his own experience and the threat to his own well-being.

Mike correctly points out, "This online gambling prohibition goes over the top."

The problem is that the historical, psychological and political processes leading to relieving the citizenry of the choices and responsibilities for freedom aren't going to stop because they arrived at anyone's doorstep.

In the 1970s, for instance, the Baptists cheered and gave all manner of support when Governor Dolph Briscoe ordered the closure of the Chicken Ranch, a whorehouse institution that had survived with the tacit approval of politicians and law enforcement officials for 3/4ths of a century.

However, the Baptists felt a lot less enthusiasm when the Texas Rangers, operating under the orders of the same Texas Governor, kicked down the door of a private home and arrested a well-known Baptist evangelist and a number of church elders during a Thursday night poker game.

That went over the top, they believed.

Jealously guarding the freedoms of others we disagree with is a tough pill to swollow.  But it's the only way we can assure our own will remain intact.



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Rick GComment by Rick G - August 27, 2006, 7:08 pm

This issue is one of many in our current freedom-bashing country. In all circumstances the ones who choose to erode our freedoms for their own agendas are also the same flag waving citizens proclaiming their patriotism.

True patriots never blindly accepted what the authorities told them or we'd all be hailing the Queen today.

Who wants to dictate what we put in our bodies?

Who wants to dictate what bodies we want to marry or conjoin with?

Who wants to dictate how, where and on what we spend our money?

Who wants to dictate what another country does with their own?

The "dictators" are those with the longest staffs on their flags and the largest swath of cotton portraying our stars and stripes, waving it the hardest to and fro. The dictators have not read or have chosen to ignore the very base this country was founded on, The Bill of Rights.

We got into a revolution because of religious interference in national policies and lack of basic human freedoms. We proclaim this throughout the world as our vanguard for democracy but we'll throw a pot smoker, a prostitute or a gambler in jail, we'll wage war and murder existing human beings. But an UNFERTILIZED human embryo has more rights and respect than you or I will ever have in the eyes of this government.

The founding fathers are breakdancing in their graves.

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