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Astrologer Prediction Model Really Works



Paneagle is the foremost ONE WORLD GALACTICIAN (SOLAREAN ASTROLOGY)  > Using a combination of SOLARIS MODEL                                                          now with STAR-GPS for a STAR LOTTERY AND SPORTS PREDICTION Accuracy. 

The FORUMS do reveal CHOICES and are for on Lottery Post florida2015 and primarily POWERBALL MEGA 100+G FORUMS

PLAYER DISADVANTAGE : Players have a right to a much greater share of LOTTERY PRIZES. The huge house advantage of STATE LOTTERY has increased to 300 Million to one for Mega Millions and by October will also be that high for POWERBALL. The generally unfair and completely wasteful greed of State and National Lottery highlights the amazing lack of winners with a minimal few taking home any real prize, not to mention to pitiable payout for any lesser amount of correct choices. Players should not feel responsible for the education fund of the States, which is using a large percentage for its own function to run the lottery, rather than make any real change or advantage for education. The actual assist of the Lottery to schools is minor compared to what could be done. It is simply House takes (almost) all. 

YOUR STAR LOTTERY ADVANTAGE ; We can predict the numburs using combinations of choice and exact methods with positions and degrees,

THE PURPOSE is to give the REAL PLAYER A CHANCE AT WINNING REGULARLY. iF YOU THINK you can do this yourself, you can try, but Paneagle has found that the exact model requires some very special definitions and operation focus to make it ACTUAL. This combination of elements is by unique and important formula and comparisons that includes the SOLARIS MODEL of seven suns, and the SOLAR-IS REALIZATION. This is why I can offer the numburs as accurate and close to winners. 

INVITATION to players and visionary PEOPLE to truly understand what SOLARIS AND SOLAR-IS. Video presentations are sent via email, and or by pdf and powerpoint for FREE to interested persons.

PANEAGLE is Prezident of SEE FOUNDATION > seeocean org is all for a TRUE YUMANITARIAN POIRPOSE which is really no joking matter, and neither is the object manipulation by government and states to control the basically illegal lotteries (no one else can run one) built to take the money of poor labor individuals who try with hard earned money for a chance to get out of the slave system or just be free financially. FIND OUT WHAT THE WAKE UP CALL means. seeocean.org

funding for the VESSEL PROJECT and any worthwhile true and real non-profit organization. 


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Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - July 19, 2015, 4:49 pm
what is the website to look up?

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