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Well I went to Spirit Mountain Casino today and I tried my first table game today.  It was roulette and I bought $200 in chips.  I got several hits over the hour plus I played at the table but I eventually lost my $200.  I do like roulette it is alot more fun then the slots because I can play my money longer on the table then in a slot machine.  So I think I will be going back to try some more of roulette in the coming months or maybe even BlackJack.-weshar75

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Comment by pacattack05 - August 31, 2006, 11:13 pm
I would quit after being ahead by the first 75 to a hundred bucks and then take a break. Wait 15 minutes in between sessions and then make another 75 to a hundred.

Just about 98 percent of all systems will eventually go bust because they do the same thing after each spin. That's why It's called a system. The house will always have the edge. We need to beat the casinos with odds, because that's how they beat the system player. They beat us with odds not systems, so we have to beat them with odds also....

fast eddieComment by fast eddie - September 1, 2006, 12:00 am
weshar, If you've read my blog you can see how much I love the game and also how up and down it can be. my tips are, don't play too many numbers, when playing for a long time every number starts to look good. I like to play 20 to 30 a spin light or 40 to 60 a spin heavy depending on if I'm up and my bankroll. I bet with a few single chips to be around break even, some midrange bets and my big bet. I stick with my big bet number untill it hits, cuz if you layoff the sucker will come in and burn you. Bet with the wheel, not against it, especially on red, black. This way you take advantage of streaks. I see players throw down a chip on black after 2 reds, only to see red hit five more times in a row. strange things happen at thr roulette wheel, so try to take advantage of them if you see somthing. Watch for the dealers spinning patterns, so advance the wheel a few pockets at a time, others spin the exact opposite side. I find women dealers are better for the this. Also watch big bettors, sometimes dealers will try extra hard to hit there numbers so try to take advantage of this and bet that area. Well that's all for now. I look foward to seeing your roulette results. Good Luck. fast eddie.

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