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Tic Tac Toe Method: Pick 3


Last Edited: August 21, 2015, 4:30 pm

PIck 3 method strategy guide:


To do your workouts if you want to try this method I am explaining for those who view this blog. 


You can print off Tic Tac Toe printables off the internet just type in (momsminivan tic tac toe printables) to print off some work out sheets to help you keep everything together to workout these strategies on it. 


TIC TAC TOE METHOD: (193) (204) (315) (426) (537) (648) (759) (860) (971) (082) write them up straight.

Like this: 


1 2 3

9 0 1

3 4 5


You will notice midday numbers:


This is example say the numbers where:

Okay the number is 603 for today place the numbers like below just follow the chart the 6 would follow the 4 then 8 in chart the 0 would follow the 8 then the 2 and then the 3 would follow the 1 then 5 in the chart below you will notice. For those that doesn't know how to play tic tac toe method im going to show you how to do it. Now many of times if I was going to play tic tac toe I would make a newer set of numbers by changeing one of the digits in the previous numbers just to try it out either of your choice say for this if its 603 you could change it as 503 or 703 or 613 or 693 or 604 or 602 just to make a newer set of numbers that is a good way to start off if you want to try you a newer way of doing things on here now many people say they are only 6 ways to pattern those combo's that is not true at all if you use it a mirrored way now many of those lotto companies computers trick you in many ways by reverseing a number making a mirrored number to confuse you for an instant once I was playing a 294 checking out the patterns once it appeared as a 299 messing me up. I would of won a crap load of money if I caught it in time when picking but it slipped my mind didn't think it would actually appear in that order but it did. You do not have to do it that way like i shown at the top but you can use it and it will work 60% of the time like I shown you at the top but it also works 75% of the time working it the way im getting ready to show you. Now the numbers go in patterns these patterns are hard to understand if you don't really know how the patterns would work they can twist in any direction from the 9 numbers that are played its a 50% chance the numbers can appear in the original form numbers and a 50% chance that it can pick them all in a mirrored form im going to show below how it works the way I work mine and these numbers actually hit 70% of the time so if you are new at this you can work it this way and check it out for yourselves. I ain't going to guarantee you that you will not get the right numbers or not but you can see a chance that you seen some of the numbers that played in different rotations in the pattern some of the days apart. If you have any questions just PM through private message if you need any questions about this I do not mind to help you with it if you don't actually know how to do it. So you see the 603 how I did it at the bottom im going to state a list of mirror numbers how they work in the pick 3 lotto if you do not know how to work them. But im going to show a brief example how these numbers can work as they are in the 603, 481 and 825 example I have right now and the other mirrored side to these numbers are going to be the same numbers but in mirrored form. I'll show you an example how I work these.

(603    TOO:   158)

(481    TOO:   936)

(825    TOO:   370)


Like I was saying above in the comment you could actually change one of those top digits in the 603 or 158 a different number if you choosen too to try it another way if you decided too just change 1 digit in either of your charts like was examined at the top it could help and maybe not but its best to work them the way they are though for a few test tries to see if you are on the right page that im at doing this workout. You can try it in a different way like im showing you by changeing 1 digit at a time to try it a different way. For an example today for my state the numbers yesterday morning was: 


962 so this is how I worked this workout today for the winning number remember this doesn't work every day like this if it did I would rob them out of valueable cash each day im just showing you how this worked out today it goes in different directions it can work in many, many different patterns but this is a start how this workout shows you an example and yes its very confusing if you are new at this. So for an example the 962 it hit 8/20/2015 in my state lets find the number that hit for midday today with the 962 for today 8/21/2015. Remember this is just a practice showing you one way these work but this is not always going to work the same the computer picks them in different formats and directions how these numbers appear everyday and night each time it picks the right or wrong numbers you have on a play. 



you notice if you drop down -1 on each number so the 962 would be shown like this:



851 so you see the 851 look at this if you mirror all the numbers what the outcome is:






If you notice the 306 is backwards mirrors run in a backwards direction from the numbers you just see so that number would been 603 for the win for today: 


Many times that I have notice the midday numbers make the midday next play and the evening numbers makes the next evening plays in these patterns so now I will show you the reverse and forward of the mirrored numbers how they work and remember around 85% of the time it can be just the original numbers and it could be the 1 mirrored number that would be change in the original form its the same numbers but just only mirrored to trick you from thinking you got the winning ticket that you worked out in the pattern plays that you would work with. So the chart below is the tic tac toe method just drop down and see the other pattern numbers how to mirror them in the right direction you are working with remember the numbers in the 9 squart tic tac toe form will be mixed up in every direction just practice test on it for a couple of days to get the feel out of it how it is working for you if you do not see the right numbers in the form like you see try mirroring one in each direction and see if you see an outcome how it played for that day or night once in awhile you will see that no numbers played that is why I asked if you want try to work another workout to see if any of those digits changed to do it the other way to see. Like I shown in the above description by changeing 1 of either digit to work it out to see if it played that way some of the time it may and some of the time it may not. So under the tic tac toe guide you will see a description saying mirrored numbers follow them to make a new chart from the original form ones that was previous shown remember to place the newest winning number to make the grid. 


Tic-Tac Toe Method:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2


Mirrored Numbers: 

(0 to 5), (1 to 6), (2 to 7), (3 to 8), (4 to 9)

(5 to 0), (6 to 1), (7 to 2), (8 to 3), (9 to 4)


Mirrored numbers: 0-5, 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9 so go reverse if you see it this way do it 5-0, 6-1, 7-2, 8-3, 4-9 you can do it either way you want just to see what the numbers are so many times you will only see 1 number mirror in this method to trick you from thinking you got the right numbers for the next play so remember to mirror another pick the same picks you have for that day and mirror one number each out of that same pick you did to make sure if you really think you have the winning numbers you can triple your chances to be for sure. For an example you have a 603 like I shown above you can change it to 103 or 653 or 608 just giving you an example so you might think you have the right numbers but you may not but this way it gives you a good strategy you might end up hitting the right numbers that way with 4 way doing one number to make sure for a box play ticket. So what I suggest if you find a pattern you think that is going to play do it by changeing 1 number at a time an mirror it for a better result and try the number you think it is and 3 other sets by mirroring 1 number each to make a better chance of hitting another chance with it. The numbers just doesn't go up and down or straight across they go in slant patterns crisscross, X patterns they twist all over in different directions its kinda brain boggleing but if you notice the way the pattern goes one night it will be the opposite the next its hard to determine the patterns how they work until you start noticeing them the way they move each other midday to night. This may not work for all states but it does many states. Just try it and see if it works for your state if it doesn't then its best to find a different formula to do a workout with. They are one other thing I will discuss with this many people see's the numbers only in 6 combinations im going to show you an 8 pattern combination with 3 numbers. 


For an example I'll show you 6 combinations in these 3 numbers at first then show you 8 different combinations with mirrored numbers this is where many people gets confused. They always think they are only 6 combinations i'm going to show you different. 


6 combination pattern:              8 combination mirrored pattern:

123                                                     123

312                                                     623

132                                                     173

213                                                     673

321                                                     128

231                                                     628




Now remember they are the same numbers just mirrored in this format to help you understand they are more than just 6 combination to these numbers if you find the right pattern that is going to play it will be the 8 combination numbers it is the same numbers just mirrored and if you find the right combination if you throught it was one of the 3 numbers and you mirror them in that 8 combo and you throught it was a 193 for an example it wasnt and you combinationed them in the 8 combo like shown above the computer if it is in that pattern line it cannot refuse to dish them out. It will be 1 of the 8 pattern combinations that will hit if you didn't hit it one way it will be the other if it is in the pattern of the 193 that you was choosen for that midday or evening pick. But if it wasn't in that pattern line then it wouldn't hit.

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