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Expanded Stars Hit The Lottery Again


Last Edited: August 27, 2015, 2:47 pm


Excuse me for not keeping in touch. I did have a set for Powerball and it was again very good. I also took the list for last night and used it for Florida Lottery and this has worked previously and again last night - I had 4 of the winners in Florida and 3 on one ticket. 

I want to find players who will play with these newly derived List of about 12 choices. Committed. The PB was close by 1 exact and 1 off on 4 #'s . I play ranges and areas which have focus digits which almost always are close like this. It is inevitable to hit exact If I or others in a group can play enough tickets. It works and likely will cut down on misses and may actually have all 5 or 6 numburs each drawing. 

PB list 8/27   was  30 45 23 08 11 3  > 30 44 53 08 40 33 

Florida lottery win 3 8 43 23 40 11   my two tickets 3 8 23  and 8 11 53 

PB win was 22 56 02 45 32 12     so I had 45 and was 1 off with 23 3 33 and 11   with 


I have a short list which always closes in on the range choices like florida tonight...2 10/11 13 17/18 24 27  I feel sure some of these will be good but not all so I need additional points which I have in CU and CJ and ZP lists combined to get a great list choices.   60 05 13/14 16 24/25 is one additional to this florida tonight.     I would add 5/4 37 10 13+ 32+ ZP list.  So lets see how well this works. 

If we suspect certain digits are upcoming, we can further close in... as 8 9 0 7 and 5 more likely thursday tonight..here.

2 5 24 27 were florida winners about 2 days ago. this is another method which points to predicting ahead data to backwards a day or two or a drawing or two before. This is because some people will cash in tickets a few days later for the winners they just got 1 or 2 days ago.  There are hot numburs for a range of days.  For example the node is at 2 degrees currently. Node is a good lead to winner numburs. in PB it gave both 2 and 32 as winners. 

let me know if you are willing to play from the lists. I know I am closer than most anyone doing this because I am much farther along in both research and in recognition and awareness because of my long study and experiences... 

see seeocean.org as I am EL Prezidente. SEE FOUNDATION also works. Specialized Educational Educators. Down with the control and restrictions. On with Real Freedom.   Best; Peter (Paneagle)

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