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finders keepers losers weepers


 I purchased ain instant $5.00 Lifetime game for my sister in a convenience store in NJ Aug. She scratched off a winner, we hoped.  Saw one large multicolored LIFE symbol in middle of card.  Sis asked if she needed three as we play NJ Win for Life.  Sister is left sideparalyzed, left eye optic atrophy.   I said we would take it back to store and check as only 1 winning symbol, not three as in win for life game.  Looked like a winner; never played that game before. It was inadvertantly tossed in wastebasket  and taken to trash in small bag with tissues outside collection night.  Could not find it in house anywhere.  Looked on website still 3 remaining prizes during time I misplaced tkt, but then down to 2 on Monday Aug 14.

Someone locally, perhaps  employee of county found tkt and validated during time I was dealing with NJ Lottery commission security.  I knew all details of ticket where bought, timeframe purchased,number upper left hand side of ticket, what winning symbol looked like.

I really did not think about the ticket for a few days.  I am up 24x7 with an ill sister and limited help from the County in the mornings, and when I realized we did not check it at the store, it was gone.

Audit came back from  NJL ticket printing company tkt was a match that time frame, that roll from store.  I even tried to get tape from store to prove I was in at time frame. They said it looked like a winner, but then did a 360 turnaround.

You got it, NJLC gave to bearer 2 of them who found ticket on our property. $5,000 big ones a week for life-guaranteed 5 Mill payout.  They're going to announce it this week.

Wasn't signed.  We offered to split 1/2 with finders as we thought we proved our case.  They wanted it all. We got denial letter from NJL.  Oddly, another convenience store said there was a winner on that game locally but could not  find out who winner was and was not named on banner in agent's computers.  Finders live not to far from us: is a small town.  Sis needs a new wheellchair, brace, nore PT, all necessities to help her as a stroke
survivor.  The NJL would not even give us the confirming data to prove myclaim we originally had winning ticket in hand.

The finders took tkt to a local store, not where I purchased tkt.  Store does not even sell that game.  I just happened to go there for something for my sis, and counter gal said they had a big winner on a scratch game.  Would give me no information, then later denied saying anything to me.  I got suspicious.

Aug 20, 2006, got a denial letter from NJL as unsigned tkt.  I went to another convenience store to purchase my second ticket.  The LIFE appearing under numbers were same type face.  Owner sai there had been a big winner in my home town, but winner did not want anyone to know and it was not put in lottery's computer. It still has not been posted, but will this week.  I filed a Title 59 claim against NJ, but have no reprsentation as the NJL will not give me supporting documentation of the audit from ticket company. 

Mu sister and I are devistated.  We offered by word of mouth to split the winnings with the finders.  They were greedy and wanted it all.  Some people knew.  Sis said she would rather be known in life as a good person who had helped others rather than a lottery winner.  But, it would have improve her life quality. 

While someone now can join a better gym or a better country club, sis coul dhave had more physical therapy as medicare will not pay for maintenance and a new brace as they will pay for a leg brace every five years.

While someone will have better, faster cars, Sis could have gotten a new wheelchair and we could drive in a more comfortable disable adapted car.   

Life is not fair.  Being in a handicapped world for fous years and a stroke survivor is hard.  Some one not caring and finding $5,000, 000  a disabled person lost is tougher. 

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Comment by lorramil - November 6, 2006, 6:33 pm
seems e ticket may not have fallen off table to the basket. Workers claim no find, still working on it. mystery.
Comment by lorramil - December 18, 2008, 12:06 am
to qualify long after fact; ticket was not in basket; we thought of no other scenario. Sis' bedside waste basket bag would have been tied and retied with all soiled tiissues. There was a monitor of which we did not know in the house because of a personal claim. Someone was spying on us and knew of the ticket while we were discussing it. Much later date after ticket was gone, a 911 EMT who came in with others to take her to the hospital after my sister collapsed evenings before the fire said the ticket was found on the floor under her chair next to her bed. He even asked if she had vision in her left eye. Little on the outer area. He said that's why she did not see the ticket. It does not check out that someone would have been walking by after midnight and just happened to open a large garbage can on our property closed with a lid and sift through a tied bag with soiled toilet paper and tissues to find a ticket. There are never loose bags. Much later I went to the Director of Public Works/Sanitation. He said the police came to him with a story to help them say 2 boys had found the ticket. He told me then it was not worth his job.

The rest is history and tonight Dec 16, 08 we are still fighting with the Boys.

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