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My side of the story


Recently I had some issues with haters, no I don't believe they were disagreements, since the person involved personally attacked and stooped pretty low and made untrue statements ( lies ).
I tried to respond twice to that person and the posts disappeared twice! 
So I hit the report button and sent a scathing complaint as I was pretty angry.  I also mentioned that I would just leave since I have no recourse here.  I thought it over and thought why should I let my haters run me off and win?

  So that is why I am back. Oh and by the way, Take a look at the comments where I suggested there should be an option to ignore users in the forum area. 
That was met by personal attacks solidifying my claim that it is needed, I tried my best to explain to my bullies/haters but they accused me of wanting "free benefits," no other forum makes a person pay to ignore forum haters, & bullies, that is just sadistic.

It appears premium users are above the rules here, and can trash talk standard users, standard users you better just simply keep it quiet if you have a view that goes against mainstream party line here
or else you will be bullied, and run off by these people, you can find out who they are if you look through my post history, as I won't name anyone off.

As to when I said I don't play mega millions and powerball, someone talked trash about that saying I was lying about something.  I didn't mention that I would "never" play these, I was just tired of throwing my money away to places that have won too many times. 

The same thing with badger 5, yes I complained about it and quit playing for a while, as places there were the same places winning.  So really I don't know how someone could say that I am lying over any of that.

Why do people get all bent out of shape when they're told they're throwing their money away?  Don't hate the messenger, hate the game!  Silencing, or running me off is not going to change the fact that you are still throwing your money away.

As for the same places winning, don't feed me excuses that all tickets have an equal chance of winning because every time those often winning places win yet again prove those claims wrong. 

If these lottery games are truly random, then the same state shouldn't be often winning should they?  Yes I know states don't win people do, well you have to be in a state or puerto rico to win!

If anyone dislikes/hates this blog post, it has been saved.

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