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Test Grader FreeWare For Teachers.


Last Edited: September 24, 2015, 11:42 am

Using QB64 and some simple "Basic 2" of the kind used on very old 8 bit computers I made a very simple and small tool with which to help grade test papers.

I don't remember very much of Basic 2, but just enough to do very simple stuff such as this, the download is good for about 7 days only.

It should not change your system at all, it should be self contained and portable, might work on from WinXP up to Windows 7 or 8, but maybe not Windows 10, I don't know.

You enter the number o test questions and then enter the number of correct answers and it grades the test, one test at a time, till all are graded.

http://wikisend.com/download/195282/Test Grader.exe

http://wikisend.com/download/832290/Test Grader.txt

For anybody who cares, here is my code for it:

1 PRINT "Test Grader.";
2 INPUT "Type: E (E = Exit) or G (G = Grade test paper) and press Enter"; X$
3 IF X$ = "E" THEN 13
4 IF X$ = "G" THEN 5
5 INPUT "Type number of test questions and press Enter"; A
6 PRINT A; "Test questions"
7 B = A / 100
8 INPUT "Type number of correct answers and press Enter"; C
9 PRINT C; "Number of correct answers"
10 F = C / B
11 PRINT F; "% Is the grade"
12 GOTO 1
13 END

Yes, it is very antique "MS Basic 2" by good old "Bill Gates" himself.

Antique, but still works, same as always has.
Too bad, that I forgot what little I knew about Basic 2, of course, if I ever wanted to re-learn I can.

I just tested the 2 downloads and they work just fine!

I made it, because there are a few local teachers who might have a use for it.

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