Where's Al? Boy, 6, shot dead in driveby shooting, 11 year-old shot in chest



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Avatar Lucky Loser -
OMG!! This commentator just makes my day!!!! He's got it DOWN PACKED...WAY BETTER THAN SHIRLEY Q. LIQUOR on The Michael Berry Sho!! For those who don't know, Shirley Q' Liquor is actually a white male comedian, sort of, that pretends to be black...hence the Ebonics he uses on the show during commercials and skits. He's aw-ight....I guess. Here's the post from "White Trash" below the article:

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WHITE TRASH Sum1Lszfalt • 10 hours ago
LAWWWWDY LAWD! KOOLAID is-zatchoo? i didnt recognize you witt dat noo koolaid package! Hope dats scrawberry-pree-sweet'n , cawse'n dats miiih fav-o-rites! Na@ its still me, yo evuh-luvn "dubyuh-tee!" i jest be puttn owne the Hoity-Toity erry oncst in a WILE! I kin still "holler" like the bestest uf'em!

How yoo been durr'in hows de wummun and yung'ns?

Man, that sh*t is off the chain!!! I honestly like people like this!! Time for real talk. Now, we don't know who did the shooting but, I'm pretty sure it's gang/drug related...and that some 'mess kins' did the drive by. I'lll be shocked if some bruthas were involved here but, nevertheless, some will still want Sharpton involved...even though they seem to just hate this guy to no end. Now, if decidedes to get involved, there will be all kids of outrage and comments on how he needs to just stay away...AFTER ASKING WHERE HE IS. Yep, it's like that, America...it's the New World Order.
Avatar JAP69 -
Maybe the DNC gave Al the message not to cause anymore shet until after the 2016 election.

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