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Slider Program Installation and Database Files


Last Edited: September 30, 2015, 12:57 pm

Download link to Slider installation zip file:



Download links to the Lottery Games, Pick 3 Numbers Games, and Pick 4 Numbers Games.

Use the same links.  I will try and upload each morning.


Instructions (PDF) download link:



Master Zip File download link: Contains most of the Lottery Games results



P3-Games Zip File download link: Contains United States and Canadian Pick 3 Games database text files



P4-Games Zip File download link: Contains United States and Canadian Pick 4 Games database text files



Unzip each of the 3 files into your Slider folder.  Normaly C:\Slider\


RL Tips for Pick 3 Numbers Games:

Hi guys

Note!!! This method is for pick-3 games.

I have not had much time to do much testing but here is something some off shore players may want

to try.  First open the c-panel and then set the line stop to zero (0) and the time stop to (1),  Close the

c-panel then hit the A-tune then the re-cal then drag the master slider down to 18 to 22 and then hit

run.  Next hit the optimize button to reduce.  Setting the master slide to the correct position is the hard

part but if it's correct many times it will produce a straight hit.   This is a play on paper method for now

and anyone interested can post how it does for their game.  I have a few more ideas which I may try to

apply to the re-cal option that sets the master slide that if successful might make this a profitable method.

Playing other methods seems to hit pairs of digits but I am at a loss for how to utilize it.  Anyway not sure

how this will play out and I have yet to do much testing on the numbers games.  It does seem to do better

than regular RNG generated sets but I don't have much to compare to.


Pick 3 Tips

Click the “A-tune” Button

Click the “Re-cal” Button

Move the Master slide down 5 points.

With the stop value set to 10,

I then generate 200 lines 10 at a time.

Hit the optimize button and it reduces down to as few as 15 lines then. 

Hit the letter (T) key to test the results.

Many times I end up with at least a box hit and several times a straight hit.

I just selected FL evening game 4-4-8 and tried the above and this is what I got.

Entry #182


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