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My people probably aren't aware that a new version of ieSpell is available for free download (version 2.4.0, released August 3, 2006).

ieSpell is the spell checker that Lottery Post uses in the Rich Text editor, and is accessed with the Check Spelling button .

ieSpell is an all-around awesome application which, once installed, allows you to check your spelling on any web page on any site.  You just right-click the text entry space, and choose "Check Spelling". 

If you haven't installed it, I highly recommend it.  ieSpell is free software, and completely ad-free and nag-free.

Here's the download link:

There have been a couple of versions released this summer, and they include the following enhancements to the software (copied from the ieSpell web site):

  • 2.4.0 (build 428) (released 3rd August 2006)

NEW - "Look up meaning" feature via right click menu for ANY word/phrase on the page.
NEW - Added more info about ieSpell in the "Add or Remove Programs" applet.
FIX - Clean up resource IDs (removing duplicates) paving way for the resource DLLs.
FIX - Bug that cause the caption of the Options dialog not to display properly.
FIX - Registration info displays in localized text after changing language.

  • 2.3.0 (build 264) (released 28th July 2006)

NEW - Allow user to change the location of the custom dictionary (either copy or move) in the "Edit Custom Dictionary" dialog.
NEW - Added persistent window placement (survive shutdown) with a user override option (default is on).
NEW - add installer switch to set a custom user dictionary location during installation.
FIX - Make Default button is no longer enabled when a selected custom dictionary is READ-ONLY.
FIX - Bug that cause ieSpell to think that a non-existent custom dictionary is read-only.
FIX - Memory leak in spell checker - options object not freed at shutdown.
FIX - Improved support for optional language packs.

  • 2.2.0 (build 647) (released 27th March 2006)

NEW - Multi-language support! The core application has been revamped to support localization. i.e. Not only will you be able to spell check in other languages, the UI itself will displayed in that language. We will be releasing language packs for the various European languages shortly. (starting with French)
NEW - Users now have the option to choose their preferred online reference dictionary to check the meaning of an unknown word.
NEW - Users can add on their own online reference dictionaries to the list provided.
NEW - Users can choose to show or hide the ieSpell items in the browser's right click context menu. (This feature is especially useful for users with multiple logon accounts on a PC as the default install only sets up the right click options for the windows account that performed the install.)
NEW - Users now have the option to remove all the custom dictionaries during the uninstall process.
NEW - Check write permissions on custom dictionaries, if its READONLY, disable the add/delete function in the edit custom dic dialog.
FIX - Checkdocumentnode does not work for INPUT type=text elements.
FIX - IE7 beta2 does not show the word highlighted until the doc is forced to redraw. This is considered a temporary fix as contents in a DIV tag are still not refreshed by this fix. We are monitoring the developments over at the Microsoft camp and will provide a more comprehensive fix closer to the IE7 launch date.
FIX - If user click on OPTIONS in the validator dialog and return to the check, they will lose the initial context (e.g. using CheckDocumentNode).

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