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"4%4%" What the Heck Could That Mean...Double Doubles in the Pick 4


Last Edited: October 25, 2015, 9:09 pm

True Story:

Well, there are "images" and then there are images.

Today I had an image upon rising. It was unlike any image I had had before.

The image as "4%4%".

I couldn't decide what the % signs stood for. But being the lottery strategist that I am, I decided I needed to take a stab at it.

Having just completed 999 Book of Numbers latest project, which includes five charts, including a bonus on how to predict when a double double in the Pick 4 might show, I knew SC had a set up/ trigger for a double-double, but I did not know which one.

When I checked the Daily Results all-state board, I saw where Washington DC had gotten 0404 today.

Ah, so that's what the "%" signs meant, ie that it would be the same digits placed with the 44 image. Before I checked to see whether DC was a mechanical ball state, I further concluded that it was showing me the positioning of the digits.

So, I decided to post my theory on the Predictions board. It being after 10 a.m., the 4X4X would not show before tomorrow in "all-state" predictions, but since SC and NC are my playing states, I decided to target those two states and a couple more for the evening draw.

Pennsylvania 024 995 8542 6464
Washington, D.C. 914 698 0404 1312
South Carolina 310 4242

Sometimes you gotta wonder why the universe conspires to help a sistha out. I guess it's my dedication to the game (even when I'm ''posed to be done with it).

SBIP$999 Rhode Island Numbers Game Midday Straight + 4-Way Box 8-8-8-1 8-8-8-1 $3,100
SBIP$999 South Carolina Pick 4 Evening 6-Way Box 2-4-2-4 4-2-4-2 $400

I don't remember which word or phrase the 1118 came from. I just know it was the mate to 8881, so I included it in my selections.

So this time I had help identifying which specific "double-double" was to fall after a trigger was shown.

NC had a "double double" trigger last Monday, the 19th, so we will see if it falls prey to this set of doubles or another set.

Other states have triggers too, and though it might not yield a 4x4x or x4x4 double, you might want to play your favorites for the next few days, if you have one.


Just a reminder for those who asked about the NEW 999 charts. There is a Predicting Doubles in the Pick 4 and a Predicting Triples in the Pick 4, in addition to a Singles Pick 4 Chart and a Singles Pick 3 chart. The Predicting Doubles chart is a bonus included as part of the 5 chart toolkit till month's end, and can be very powerful if your mechanical ball state likes it. Haven't decided if it will be offered separately. So check it out if you like having a "system" that target high payouts in the Pick 4 games.

I love this game!

Sad Cheers

Entry #671


Comment by destinycreation - November 1, 2015, 3:10 pm
Out of all of your Pick 3/4 systems available on your website, what is the single best Pick 3 and Pick 4 system, that you would recommend to purchase, if we could only afford to purchase just one system per game ??

Please respond. Thank you.

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