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where were you on september 11,2001


                       where were you on september 11 2001?

 where were you on september 11,2001.at this time i was working at the same post i'm at now doing security.i didn't wake up until late afternoon because i work nights.i knew something was different right before i left when all television stations carried news broadcasts.i got in the car and turned the radio on and kept hearing about this attack and the words pearl harbor.it really scared me at first because i thought an actual country attacked us.i later learned that it was terrorists while making the drive to work.i have never been the same since this day.all americans knew things would never be the same and it hasn't.my best friend ended up in iraq for a long time when that war started in 2003.i thanked him for defending our country.i think a moment of silence would be appropriate today in rememberance of all who last their lives on this day.....

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Comment by shalini - September 11, 2006, 10:58 am
I remember it was in the evening in New Delhi when we heard about the 1st plane going into one of the towers...bbc, cnn were showing it...we thought it was an accident and while they were showing it to us we saw the second plane go in!! it was horrible.....this hungarian houseguest was in tears and babbled away hysterically...its not nice to see innocent people die anywhere...the look of complete shock and horror on the people's faces...the aircraft being shown crashing in over and over again........I remember thinking later that if this can happen in NY it can happen anywhere!
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 11, 2006, 4:07 pm
It was a Tuesday, the day my boss coached Little League after work, so I worked late to cover him. Therefore, I was still home when the first plane attacked the WTC. I got a call a little after nine from my boss who told me to turn on the TV. At first I thought it was a movie and then realized it was really happening. I drove to work and my boss & I hugged as we listened to the radio (no TV in the store.) I called my sister in Boston, because I feared it might be a target. I called my other sister in VA, because her husband works for the Dept of Commerce. She told me he was in China, so we knew he was okay. Only one shopper came into the store all day at about 4:00. On Sunday I attended a benefit concert where we prayed and sang patriotic songs. it was very emotional for everyone. I probably spent 100 hours watching television over the next couple of weeks. I think it was because I was hoping for something good to happen, like maybe the rescuers would find a pocket underneath the rubble with 50 people still alive. I never felt unsafe or threatened, but I was very sad.

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