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Astrologer Picks Lottery Win



Every week I have posted the lottery wins on Lottery post, forum2015. Our position is to provide the closest numburs and system, to create far more winners than we have previously seen. This is both altruistic, and for the understanding of how this go together, for benefits of our life, but far more as well. 


The numerous (6 to 9) lists are cumulative and the specific combinations of paired digits do reveal the winners. There will be a review and culmination of the numburs both specific and crunched which reveals the matrix of winners. The greatest and most dynamic points are the Real Solar Positions and the Solar-IS of the CU and the A (alpha-numeric) relations. This can be derived faily easily, but unfortunately or otherwise, is not easily explained. Let me try. 

REAL SOLAR-A-STAROLOGY is far more advanced that any past or current system, because it deals both with the whole and the relative. It should be obvious the Real Astrology must be relative to Lottery and to our lifetime experience, daily life and overall view. Even so, it is not directly causal to the experience, but as it is both relative and actual at the same time, we can use it without forcing or manipulation, quite readily to know our life reality, and the Solar-is Numbur relations. The system by which this is done, and its description is a bit too complex for almost everyone, so we would provide the numbur lists, and the followers would see the choices them must identify.


Most common Astrologers do not or are not generally willing to follow or change from the old methods or their tradition view. They are no more able to see it as a child can looking into the sun shining too brightly, while the rays of light are easily seen for what they shine upon. But one must be open to the view. The problem is most people do not see the relation, and most often they are living by automatic behavior, in belief, intellect, or emotional bias, and in (largely manipulated) thought or attitudes set in the past by world traditions, cultures, race, religion, science or genetics into our lifestyle adaptation. This will not make sense to them, and they will not be able to see through to the real Solar Light that this is.

So it is we must see the real awareness, which is both beyond (like looking back at earth from the sun) or within the whole system (as in the relative position of earth to the sun). This interesting enough gives our life position, as well as the real Solar position in this case, to the actual relation of the Lottery. SOLAR-IS is beyond the notion of time, but Solaris as Solar Astrology does give the seven levels and three heavens, for our understanding in the so called spiritual senses, but also here and now as we are in the time/space world. So we sense there is a relation. Those that can begin to see this, have an advantage.

This is the Solar Way, so to speak, to be as a Sun. Here this is to combine the relations and reveal the reality of our present, and the significance of the A-STAR relation. This being so, despite the words, we can readily make this lottery model as the clear example.  I have improved our examples and won readily and repeatedly, even as a Psientist, that is a student of the many dimensions of life, and the present real natural environment we must find to live in. There is far more here than meets the eye, or the Lottery win alone. 

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We readily ask our winners TO LET US KNOW WHEN YOU WIN! Proof is in the reality.

Entry #71


Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - November 6, 2015, 7:35 pm
I play the Canada lotteries. Such as lotto 649, keno.!

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