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Powerball Win : Are You Watching The Ladder


Last Edited: November 15, 2015, 6:43 am

We continue to post winner lists ON Florida 2015 forum

Saturday RESULT POWERBALL   14 22 37 45 66   Powerball: 5.  Our Ladder had 5 pb with 22  and 15 as 45 and 7 as 37 with 5/7 midpoint leader to 6/66      and 15 close 14  for all SIX winners.  The sun sign was 22, common to win result, but it was only 1 of 6 numburs. 

We post with altruism and for the people, by the people, true republic for which we stand.  This post of winners is no accident, and we wonder why you all are not paying attention?? The SOLARIS is the only real Astrology in the world because it is the whole of IT, not just the local sun sign numburs.

If you are, you haven't let us know when you win, or that you have >>>played


I found the Solaris for Birth and Death confirmation of the Astrology method. using Liz Taylor as example, her sun sign degree is 6 pisces. At the death moment, the Solaris was 6 pisces. As I have moon node at 6 pisces, this is a connect point for me. Liz is fighting the world aids epidemic still, as a symbol of compassion, and her best friend was Michael Jackson, who is sun sign near 6 degree of Virgo, her opposite sign and friend/partners for her. She also had jupiter at 13 degree at her death and her birth Solaris was 15 Aries.  So.....I know Liz still lives, as I have seen her (and others) on the Real Side, and she and Michael still are symbols of the Real Love for Children and the World natural environment. As I am the Professor Catfun (Children are the future now), this is connected to a current real SEE FOUNDATION (to See and Recognize (Be a SEER) of the real threats to Mankind > for our work with natural environment, a true not at all for money (or profit) to share the real winning of being in the Tru reality Life IS. Are you? 

WAKE UP CALL > This is the same non-listening that is going on around the world, as the world turns, and the powers that be control everything, we see the media explosion of popular attitudes and common beliefs, but also the control slipping, because there is nothing to control, like the sun shining. But they continue to promote the same monopoly one dimension view, like lottery, with one real winner of jackpot, and most all the other 300 million players out of luck, or a few dollars every week put in by the masses which pays for nearly nothing, and what good does it do to give one person 200 million which is actually 100 million when all is paid out, to spend on a big mansion and a yacht and a mercedes, or to give to a charity that most likely can only help a few others. Yet its not bad or wrong, just that it points out the inefficiency waste and pollution that continues to destroy the world, step by step, and we are the suckers who are paying for it, both in the end result, and in the support of it. How strange is all this? 

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