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Practical Progressive Betting.


Last Edited: September 12, 2006, 3:20 pm

This text just below, is a reprint or repost from my blog;

1st draw played 40 boxed numbers at 50 cents per number = $20 spent.

2nd draw played 40 boxed numbers, 50 cents per number per 40 numbers = $20 x 3 = $60 spent.

3rd draw played 40 boxed numbers at 50 cents x 7 = $140 spent.

4th draw 40 at 50 cents x 15 = $300 spent.

5th draw 40 at 50 cents x 31 = $620 spent.

So on 5 draws $1140 will be spent and $1240 will be won on the 5th draw = $100 profit every 5 draws and or $20 profit per each and or every draw played.

As we can see, as the bet progresses it becomes more and more impractical to use the method.

To be practical to play as shown above, wins should come on the 3rd draw or at worst on the 4th one, having to buy more than $140 worth of tickets too often is just too much and not practical.

So to use just any 40 numbers might not work, they would have to be picked just right, predicted for the next draw or for the next 3 draws.

Another solution could be to predict from 20 to about 25 numbers more or less per draw and progress the bet as shown and maybe win on the 5th or 6th draw.

This means that the very same 20 to 40 combos should not be used all of the time for all of the draws, but should change either every draw or every few draws.


Maybe more on this later little by little if any progress on this method is made.

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