Over 600,000 posts (and counting)


Lottery Post hit yet another milestone, with more than 600,000 posts on the forums.

It has been a challenge to keep the technology running smoothly as the number of posts ramps up, but I think it's been pretty good.  There aren't too many forums out there with 600,000 posts in the active portion of the database.

Once a certain quantity of posts is achieved, most forums only keep a small percentage of the posts in the active part of the database, and archive the rest.  That's done in order to keep the performance of the forums running snappy.

Lottery Post is different, in that every post made over the past 6½ years is available online, and completely searchable, together with all the current posts.  (Minus a few spam posts here and there that had to be removed. Wink)  I look at it as a large-scale database challenge.

Think about it: you can go to the Lottery Discussion forum (the one with the longest history), select the option to display "ALL" posts, and instantly jump to any of hundreds of pages of topics.  It goes to whatever page you choose with about 1 second.  Then you click in to any of those posts -- maybe a post that's five years old -- and you're looking at the post contents within 3 hundreths of a second.

That was my vision for this site a long time ago, and it's neat to see it come to pass.  I wanted to run the forum with a deep, searchable history, to create an extensive and valueable resource for any lottery player.

Also notable is that Lottery Post is approaching 20 million predictions posted.  Like the forum posts, those 20 million predictions posted by the membership are all available online.  Another technology challenge, especially in trying to calculate and re-calculate individual member statistics in real-time.

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Avatar csfb -
This takes skill and passion. Proof positive, that if you love what you do, you'll be successful. For people will recognize that positive energy and respond accordingly. Congratulations!
Avatar konane -
It's awesome to be able to go back to something remembered and confirm it. Thank you for ALL the hard work you do!!
my favorite place to be is here.its really amazing the way it is all set up.never a dull moment at all.there is always something to keep you occupied and content.keep up the good work!
Avatar LottoVantage -
It's great being able to present lottery creation concepts the way they were intended to be viewed without all the maintenance problems. This site makes my day, (and night) too! Thanks to Todd for his outstanding efforts in creating and maintaining such a wonderful place for our enjoyment!
Avatar fast eddie -
20 million predictions. wow.

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