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Planned Parenthood Shooter Taken Into Custody


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Comment by Lucky Loser - November 28, 2015, 1:28 pm
Well, my black azz has waited long enough!! It seems the pro-lifer's around here aren't concerned about THEIR TERRORIST at a MEDICAL FACILITY...where NO ONE is bothering him. Oh, but he felt compelled to exercise his right to, yet again, shoot up a bunch of people he didn't like 'CAUSE THEY DON'T THINK LIKE HE DOES. Uh, huh. America, it's time you fully understood the BIAS and STEREO TYPE that played out over this stand-off and shooting. Instead of saying what I've been saying all along just like others with common sense, I'll just use the latest comment which says it all:


-Yunzer 18 hours ago

Even after he has shot and wounded 4 to 5 policemen, they still managed to talk to him over an extended period of time and get this guy to surrender and he was not harmed by the police.

Is there anyone - ANYONE! who believes that this would have happened had the terrorist been Black or Middle Eastern???-

Answer to his question: Hell F'n NO!!! Had he been black, he would been dead the moment the police got to the scene. Had he been Muslim, same thing...AND THEY'D BE POLITICIZING THE CURRENT SYRIAN CRISIS AND HOW THEY'RE THE REAL TERRORISTS. I call BS on every single level!! The title of truesee's entry, BY MEDIAITE, should've actually been "Planned Parenthood TERRORIST Taken Into Custody." Have a real good look at the face (RACE) of the MOST HIGHLY TERROR-PRONE individuals in the USA:


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