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It is time to take a look at VTRACs.


I have been avoiding this for a long time.

I know almost nothing about VTRACs, but I do know that:

There are 5 VTRACs.

Each VTRAC = 2 digits.

Each 3 digits VTRAC = 8 pick 3 numbers.

There are 125 3 digits straight VTRACs (I think, but I am not sure).

Are VTRACs only for straight numbers or also for boxed?

Probably only for straight (?).

What about VTRACs for singles, doubles and triples? I will try to find out about that, maybe singles and doubles matter not with VTRACs (?)

Will I try to study them just by myself or Will I read about them from what some others what posted?

I don't know yet, I will probably just do my own investigation of them.

Why? Because I think that others are hooked into all states VTRACs and I mostly care about one state at a time, now more than ever, as Internet gambling might soon be a thing of the past and we might have to only play in our own state.

This is also why developing a good progressing betting method to be used with your own state and not on the Internet is so important now.

I will try to develop my own VTRACs method.

It won't be easy because of the back and forth conversions between pick 3 numbers and VTRACs.

If I find that too hard, I might have to give up on them,  I will see.

I will have to try to train myself to do mental pick 3 - VTACs conversions.

The progressive betting method is not forgotten yet either.

Entry #19


RJOhComment by RJOh - September 17, 2006, 12:28 am
I've never look at Vtrac either, but now that you have said there are five difference ones it sounds confusing, I think I'll stick with the simplier systems used for the jackpot games.
Comment by EXCALIBUR - September 17, 2006, 4:20 am
Maybe you will want to keep on reading about these things, little by little as they come out, the "Real" posts might take a while to start as I am not ready yet.

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