Tex Gov Challenges Obama on Gun Control: Come and Take It


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Avatar Lucky Loser -
Yep, this information is right on point actually. The 'come and take it' phrase has morphed into a whole different meaning from what is was and meant. The idea, in general, that Obama has an interest to take the LAW ABIDING American People's means of protection is ludicrous...literally. Greg Abott is actually looking like a complete azz, and, this is according to my own Conservative friends and acquaintances. Obama is wanting to close that gun show loop hole that pretty allows ANYONE to get any type of gun with no check what so ever. That's it, and these people SUPPORT such a measure and are hard core gun owners.

All this challenging Obama is just a playground front, and, a weak attempt to make it look like he's really doing something to buck Obama. It's childish and unprofessional. I've been out and about all day looking for a holstered gun and it's just DRY. Maybe I was in the wrong places but, it's apparent so far that this law is simply just a CONVENIENCE MOVE on Abott's part. Time will tell whether this was needed or just ficilitated. Dan Patrick...bless his heart. He does mean well, just like most 2nd Amendmen huggers. If they really wanna fight something, how about PENSION PLANS which are being stripped from people.....

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