FAA Hiring Unqualified Applicants In The Name of Diversity


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Avatar CARBOB -
I doubt very seriously, if many people on this forum remember something similar happen in the 60's or the 70's. The only thing different was, it happen in the military. Each branch was supposed to enlist 100,000 people from the minorities. It was not well received in some branches.
Avatar Coin Toss -
It sure affected US Army artillery units.

Also, talk about not remembering, CARBOB, at one point in that time frame the Boston Police Department only considered the top minority scorers for promotions, not all policemen, just minorities.
Avatar emilyg -
We are screwed.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
SAD to say that much of the above rhetoric is regurgitated KKK gibberish.

"The Ku Klux Klan upholds God and Jesus Christ as the major authorities that all Klansmen should praise. They feel that what they do is God’s will and follows the word of Christ. By interpreting the Bible so that it parallels with their agenda of hate and racial discrimination the Klan sees itself as a group of good, moral, and responsible Christian American citizens. On a one to ten scale, where one is emphasis on traditional authority and ten is the testimony of experience, the KKK gets a five. This is because they believe in traditional Christian authority, but also judge people as they observe them in social situations. "
Avatar CARBOB -
Well! Well, look what showed up. You were one of those, the standards were lowered, so you could get in.
Avatar CARBOB -
BTW, I judge every person by the standards, they have. There were not many minorities in my career field, but the ones in the field, were very bright individuals.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Yeah right Carbo. People whom you deem to be bright. Straight out of the Klan manual.
Avatar CARBOB -
Speedy, you have no idea about the people I am speaking of, nor the type of work, I am speaking about. Have you ever been in the collimator room of an ATLAS missile site and the launch alarm sounds? You have 2 or 3 minutes to climb a ladder, 90 feet and run around the missile, before the door locks. You ever experienced anything like that. Were you ever offered a free ride at the USAF Academy?
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Carbo I can tell you about some life and death situations that I experienced that will make you piss your pants. But why should I, you wouldn't believe it anyway. You are programed to ridicule and be sarcastic about everything.
Avatar CARBOB -
Speedy, with all the BS and lies, you pander, not a single soul, but Loser, would believe anything you say. For instance, I don't believe your educational background. I know PHD's, one who was my next door neighbor, brag about their educational background.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Carbo, I don't care what bigots believe. People like you will always be jealous of someone that has more education than you. Just as you are jealous of your neighbor, "I know PHD's, one who was my next door neighbor, brag about their educational background." That's in your own words. I know that was a Freudian slip huh? You see Carbo just because you say something is not so means NOTHING. I know, and the people that know me knows EVERYTHING that I have said is FACT, so what you and others say is MOOT. You see Carbo, I have a right to brag about my education, especially since I am the first in my family to go to college. So what you call bragging, I call an accomplishment. I'm retired, and live off a pension, not BS and handouts. I was an educator for 31 years and that will never change. I am a veteran that went to college after a tour of duty in hell and made it back physically, but took a while to get it together mentally, but I did it with God's help. So piss-off maggot if you don't believe what I say, I could care less.
Avatar CARBOB -
I made a mistake on that remark. What I meant to say was, She never mention she had a PHD. Her husband was the one told me.

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