National Review will release special issue slamming Trump: 'a menace to American conservatism'


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Avatar Lucky Loser -
I saw Trump's response on this and the best he could do was saying that," It's an old publication that not many people read..." Not once did I hear him denounce and defend himself from the allegations that all those senators dating back to the Reagan days had to say about him. Yep, like I said, it's about to get real a heads up on this over two weeks ago. All these people are holding on to Trump as though it's their last breath and, when he comes out on the bottom, there just might be some civil unrest which requires the military to KEEP REPUBLICANS UNDER CONTROL. FACT: The military has an obligation to maintain the peace, and, are EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Act a d*mned fool if you want to with all your guns and the military will show who really packs the most artillery...and it ain't you.

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