Glen Beck Administers Presidential Oath of Office to Ted Cruz on Stage



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Avatar jarasan -
Yeah everybody has that memorized, and everybody clerked and argued before the SOTUS right??? And everybody has been campaigning non stop for the past 4 months right? Everybody is so f'ing smart, I fuquing can't stand this gotcha sh1t.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
In all fairness, if this were a Democrat, it would be exploited even more so several times over. There would be talk of it's why we don't need a Democrat, and, how they know nothing about the Constitution, or in this case, the Oath of Office. If they'd stop with all the BS attacks on the Dems then I feel the Dems would play more fair, too. We all know that ain't gonna happen, though. Bill Clinton has been free of all that Lewinsky BS until he was confirmed to campaign with Hillary.

Now, Sean Hannity with his super fearful azz, has interviewd a woman from that deal. Then, this lady who has been off the grid all these years decides that she's now haunted by what happened. No, lady, you are being paid to come out. You know, I guess this whole Cruz thing can be viewed as 'he's not politically correct' on this Oath of Office mis-speaking. People enjoy not being politically least I thought.

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