What If Trump Wins?


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Avatar JAP69 -
Trump is the greatest thing to hit the political scene since the American revolution.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
That's a big IF, but then again life goes on. Some just don't get it. A $400,000 a year job will not make a Billionaire work harder for Americans, I can guarantee you that when the economy goes south none of his billionaire friends will lose a dime but you will. That's like putting a fox in the hen house to guard it.
Avatar JAP69 -
Could be Trump is smart enough to not allow the economy to go south.
Trump is brilliant and hires brilliant people.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Jap sounds like you've been TRUMPOTIZED. What happen to CRUZ MISSILE? We have a global economy. What affects other countries will affect America's economy. Trump has large investments in other countries also. I see a big conflict of interest here. Look for that to come front and center.
Avatar JAP69 -
I like Cruz as a second choice. Things have come out about Cruz recently I am a bit unsettled with.
With Trumps experience with global investments he has a plus in my book. He deals with global nations obviously giving him experience for global deals for the US.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
Speedy, your assertion on the GLOBAL ECONOMY is right on point which is why we have to address CHINA'S CURRENCY MANIPULATION. Most of these people are simply wanting a Democrat out of the 'House and a Republican in...that's it. They could care less about the issues at hand because, if they really cared, they wouldn't have to always say, "Anybody but Hillary...Anybody is better than Hillary...Any Republican is better than Hillary." Hey, I get it, though.
Avatar Todd -
What if Trump wins? There will be dancing in the streets.
Avatar emilyg -
If Trump wins I'll be very happy.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
If Trump loses there will not be enough crow to go around, but it's safe to say IF instead of WHEN.

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