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Real Astrologer Shows Lottery Win Numbers


REAL ASTROLOGER SHOWS LOTTERY WIN NUMBERS again. We continue to share and provide winning choice groups to ZALP players. 

Friday, the MEGA MILLIONS result 23 4 75 6 55 and mega 2     LIST show 2 6 with 15 as 75*(+60) and 22.5 as 23   3.5 as and 24.5/25.5 as 55 For all winners  To show how to choose from lists, here is the overall box grid that was excellent with six correct using eight prime candidate ranges of    30+/2/2- = 2    3/3.5 = 4     35.5/6 = 6    24.5/25.5 = 25/55   and 15+/15 = 15   42+/43-/43 = not   52/53 52 22.5 = 23   58/59-/58   = not

Players using the lists can see the lists provide the winners in exact or adjusted (round +30's or 1) so it is wise to play numbers from the Solaris lists.                        We really need more players to play because the lists provide the choices, and enough good tickets will bring forth a winner.  FANTASTIC. 


ZALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT > Our real purpose is to generate share winners or single winners who will observe and play with this shared goal. Altruism is giving to those in need, but Zaltruism is real shared altruism. JOIN ZALTRUISM LP today > send Paneagle an IMessage here at the POST.  A ZALP PLAYERS is one who uses the Solaris list choices and becomes a Real winner. 

PANEAGLE has been doing Astrology since 1970 and He has found the SOLAR-IS, Solaris Real Astrology since 2001 and the Universal Perception, following Pure Positive Astrology since 1975. Solar-IS is the most advanced dynamic and unique SOLARISTRY from the One Unuversal Galactician Paneagle. (see YT videos by Adam Peters). The real ALLIS in the Real Unuvurse. 

WHY SOLARIS WORKS...Solar-IS is the reality we live, the Solaris is the Reality of the Solar Positions. This has to be related to Lottery, World events, Life experience, Reality as we know it, and to the Standard Physics Model (SPM).  The real Solar-IS is out of the box non-literal tru reality Life is, Solaris is a galactic and Unuvursal Astrology  (USPM) relation. 

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