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Solar-Is Astrologer Predicts


Last Edited: February 25, 2016, 12:07 pm

According to the LOTTERY-POST, this blog has been viewed 55,000 times. If that were true, it would be clear that someone would have won using the SOLAR-IS method of Paneagle here. Seeing as no change in winner percentages of major lotteries has occured in the past year, this is either that few are watching, and even fewer playing, if at all.

We continue to post  in florida2015 forum, with clear winning selections, often complete winner selections in each day of listing the MEGA MILLIONS and POWERBALL as well as Florida Lottery. The prizes and odds continue to become higher and less agreeable each year, now at 300 Million to One for both major lotteries. 

Paneagle is the only world Solarean, Galactician of Solar-IS Solar Astrology, one of a kind, 50 years experience, and founder of numerous techniques not being used on the planet. It is not traditional or even simply Astrological, and surely is not anything being presented on Lottery post, or in any Astrology Forum.  It has the advantage of being the result of centuries of experiences and a unique perspective from this lifetime, applied to three levels, instead of just one level and one dimensional view, yet it can be the most practical of efforts. Solaris works because it is real Astrology, of the Solar Clock, and this Solar cycle. Naturally, the Lottery follows suit as a predictive area as it does for sports, weather, and world events. 

We do show here the ALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT now for players to play the choices and win, then and if they are able, to share willingly some portions of share winnings with the others and the founder number predictor, in this small group. The numbers are posted because they are very good predictors for results, as we have shown. The benefit is for ALL players to have better tickets and win more often, even if only the small prizes. To be able to predict exactly each lottery is amazing, but to predict the five or six numbers exactly, with no other numbers on the lists, is remarkable. But it is all here a lot better than the random or other methods for predicting, and it is made available here for altruistic purpose of helping players beat the great disadvantage of Lottery. 


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