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Lottery Bingo Win



Players can review the STAR BINGO by choices in ROW AND COLUMNS, find COMMON NUMBERS and use best DIGITS and match them to WINNING LOTTERY. 

We list the BINGO GRID and WINNER SELECTIONS daily. How to read the column rows for choice selection match. This sunday we showed the Fla fantasy 5 sunday result 17-19-21-35-36. We  included a mode list with 35  16+ 18- 20  (2 exact, 3 one off). The pair 35/36 came in.   Our  BINGO CHOICES  Top row 17/47 5/7 35 in key bold positions with 18 7 22 each one off with the second row 6/5 and 49 = 19 and 22/22 = round 21.  The ALL column down was 22/20/51/51 with 19/18 and 36 for good choices 21 19 36              IS COLUMN 47/46 = 17   and 35 also in common row with 22/21 and 37/35 = 17 21 36/35 ticket choice           DIGITS 2 1 7 ALL GOOD    8/9 6 and 5 were alternates.  SPOT ON!  17 and 21 were TOP TWO choices. 


This is precision accurate and to tell the truth, quite remarkable. SOLARIS IS THE model of the solar clock and the timing of events both by place and position degrees. It is used for WEATHER, SPORTS, WORLD EVENTS, and NATURAL and HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

The choice lists are not random, and the Bingo Grid choices are not random either. Players can use this selection to WIN! Usually 10 clear choices appear in combinations across the grid.  Using this method, players can expect 2 or 3 winners on each ticket, and could get all five. 

This is all part of ZALTRUISM LOTTERY PROJECT, which is for many more players to play and win Lottery, and also to see and share winners with the ALP team players. You can join freely without membership, cost or charge, as you wish, and try to understand the true ZALTRUISM is good for you and me, and especially, WE AND US, a whole lot wiser and better to share for the planet and people.

Become a SEER. Here Paneagle is president of SEEOCEAN org and SEE FOUNDATION, wholy and truly non-profit, knowing children are the future now, working with the natural environment. The SEERS recognize the total awareness, a whole and full and real life, connected to ALL LIFE, wherever you are. 

STAR LOTTERY AND ZALTRIUSM TEAM can LIST with paneagle at florida2015forum or IM in Lottery Post. 


Entry #83


Elizabeth03Comment by Elizabeth03 - March 8, 2016, 11:52 am
I am Canada, I wouldn't mind winning a lot of money, then I would be able to do more with my life!
Comment by paneagle - June 4, 2016, 6:07 am
Elizabeth...of course. There is the Canada lottery, and I may take a look at it. Please post the exact time date and place of canada lottery and then we can work with it. Best; Paneagle

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