Trump whines as he is annihilated on air by Cokie Roberts


Entry #20,863


Avatar JAP69 -
Lets not frighten the children now.
Avatar Lucky Loser -
He hasn't seen anything, yet. Just as soon as he secures the nomination (if), the general election moderators are going back to day one of his initial candidacy announcement. Then, they'll compare every single change in policy position which has been dramatic for him. Oh, yeah, Hillary will also be challenged on her's but, they're pretty much limited to the Iraq war, big banks, and the TPP. Trump will have his time to shine and make his Trump-ettes very proud. Can't wait...
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
You better have your A-game if Cokie questions you about foreign policy. That is her area of expertise. Trump did not stand a chance. I can't wait until Hillary or Bernie get him one on one, but I prefer Hillary.

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