Trying to win $15 million



My plan is to play lotteries under only two conditions:

1. When the jackpot is large.

2. As part of a group.

Every once in a while I lose patience. This is one of those times. I will play for the $15 million jackpot for the CDN Lotto 649 jackpot on Sept 27. I normally wait until the jackpot is larger than $20 million.

On the good side, I am only breaking one of my rules (large jackpot). I am sticking with my second rule to play as part of a group. It is not my regular group. I found a couple of other guys playing as a group and was allowed to join for this draw.

Then I am going back to my two rules. I try to stay diciplined otherwise I spend too much money on lotteries. I have to remember that they are a "poor" bet compared to other types of gambling like poker and casino games.

Hopfully I will have good news to report on Thursday.

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