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Missouri vs. Illinois


I think I'm done with Missouri for awhile.

I'm getting tired of being one off the winning number, and playing numbers that are due, and repeats keep showing up.

In my opinion, Missouri lottery is really grimy.

One-off is really no friend of the players, it's only good for what might hit, just like a quick pick, might give you two of the numbers.

1-off, if you have all 3 numbers, but, not the exact order, you do NOT win $50.00.  But, if you play it regular, and get a box, you do win $50.00.

So, I'm not a fan of 1-off.  $4.00, $9.00, does not compare to $50.00.

Still can't believe they paid out, over half a million on 6490,,,,,,,Rant.

906 has showed in the pick 3 twice, since, but, no 046, sum 10.

Bring the other half.

I think the game changed a lot, with the new software, new computers, and new conversion, whatever that is.

I haven't won a quick pick, in probably a year plus.  Before the conversion, I would buy quick picks, for pick 3 and 4, and win, even on the funky 1-off game.

Lately, .Thud

It was also funky that the midday number showed a few weeks ago, as, 787, and a few hours later, posted as 878?


Is that legal?

Then again, I might just be peeved because, I missed a lot of my main numbers, and numbers that I called to show face!

Still leaning towards Illinois, and play my numbers for the week, they have had a lot of triples, a lot of two digit returns, since RNG came to their town, they have been nice about it.  So, I might need to get in on the action before they start getting grimy.

Entry #1,251


MzDuffleBagladyComment by MzDuffleBaglady - April 3, 2016, 4:16 pm
Really sick of missouri lottery.
I need to upgrade my son membership, so he won't have to ask me.
because I won't be looking.
bs repeats. . Dont make sense except bobble yo head.
pissed to the tenth power with their bs.
And I am deleting my membership on their site...
I dont want anymore e-mails. Or the $1.00 birthday free ticket.
It has to be illegal for 999 to never hit since 2008, and several virgin quads.
New software. New computers. New Bs.

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